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“We’ve been designing and trying several new cabinets for the Eikonas we got from you last year. Ted’s drivers continue to impress and delight us.” -Taiwan DIY audio group


The Jordan Eikona full-range drive unit is suitable for a variety of loudspeaker enclosure designs. The Eikona’s carefully balanced specification means that it works well in cabinets ranging from a compact reflex to large, transmission line array capable of reaching the lowest musical bass notes. The inherent scaleability of the Eikona  is discussed in full in our Audio Building Blocks series.

Below are the enclosure designs currently available from us. Other designs are on forums around the web and we’re always interested to hear what people build with the Eikona – please send details and photos to our Sales address.

Customer comments for each design are shown in italics and for more reviews see the Testimonials page and search for Projects in our blog.

To download the plans as PDFs, click the titles.

We are always happy to support our customers in any way we can when they are building one of our published designs. Or if you have a design of your own and require input, send us an email.

Kits and complete cabinets for the Reflex 7, VTL and DCR are available from Wilmslow Audio.


Eikona Reflex 7

So, what does the Jordan Eikona Reflex 7 sound like? Well, to say that I was surprised would be the understatement of the decade. I really hadn’t expected a small box with single-unit to sound this good …the level of detail is exceptional. For me the best thing is a feeling of ‘coherence’ – everything sounds just as it should – especially live recordings, jazz, blues, vocals. …Stereo imaging is also superb.

A compact bookshelf or stand-mount loudspeaker capable of reaching below 50Hz.

Eikona MiniLine

“As to sound?  Typical Eikona with a surprising amount of bass from such a little cabinet – the TL configuration helps of course … it works very well indeed.  Plenty of output at 40 Hz, then a distinct drop at 30 Hz. … My room is 16 x 12 feet and they filled it with a lovely, open soundstage with surprising bass for the cabinet size. They certainly had the Jordan family sound, fast, detailed and with a beautiful mid range.”

A compact, stand-mounted transmission line capable of surprising bass for its size. This is the latest in a series of TL designs, all of which have received excellent reviews from all those who have heard them.

Eikona SL

“Bass is better than good for the size, imaging and soundstage is superb and tonally they are as sweet as a nut. You should be very proud of this design” – SL builder

A compact, floor-standing cabinet which is capable of excellent bass response and is easy to build. There are two versions to cater for all levels of DIY skills. Full details are on the Eikona SL blog.

Eikona VTL

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am now the speakers are finished. They are all I had hoped they would be. I noticed the bass first, through my bare feet!, then the crystal clear highs and the full yet delicate mid range. Now I just hear the music. Thank you for the work that must have gone into the Eikona and thank you for the help and tips you gave me along the way.” – VTL builder

Ted Jordan’s classic VTL transmission line enclosure is capable of superb performance down to 35 Hz. The cabinet is 30 cm wide but only 10 cm deep, which makes it very easy to accommodate.

The Eikona VTL received an impressive testimonial which features on our blog and there is further background information to the design in this article.



Eikona DCR

“As for the sound I couldn’t be more pleased with them. Surprisingly, compared to the single driver MLTL enclosure I previously build, I don’t feel any shortage on the lower frequencies. In fact, for some reason I can’t explain, rock and pop sounds better than on the MLTL. Thanks for the support.”

The Dual-Coupled Reflex is a wide baffle enclosure for a pair of Eikona 2 units, designed by Ted Jordan. The use of an extra Eikona driver increases sensitivity and headroom. Connecting the drivers in series gives a 12 ohm load, which is ideal for valve/tube amplifiers. The enclosure can be floor-standing or wall-mounted. You can read about a stunning floor-mounted build as well as listener comments on our blog.

First question I asked myself, how on earth do these work?! Answer … quite staggeringly well actually. With full range speakers one expects some top end roll off and due in part to the small cone size, a lack of base. Well neither was obvious at all…. We listened to everything from delicate female vocals through to some of the hard stuff and to be honest, nothing seemed to phase them.”



Eikona TL3 Transmission Line

These have the Jordan sound in spades, very fast and articulate with bags of detail with a large soundstage with good depth. The surprise was the bass … these speakers shook the walls with deep, ultra clean bass when we pushed the volume past sensible levels. How these small cabinets were producing it is beyond me. I do really think this is a major step forward for Jordan. Powerful bass in a compact cabinet but with the air that has always been more noticeable in my single Eikona SL cabinets. Cheaper to build and more room-friendly that the big 4-driver TLs.”

A compact, floor-standing transmission line featuring two Eikonas per cabinet. Although only 826 mm tall, this loudspeaker gives good bass down to 30 Hz. The design is described here and a subsequent blog gives an innovative translam construction, with downloadable CNC cutting plans. AA taller, slimmer version is available as the TL2 with identical performance.

Eikona Linear Array Reflex

This design is discussed in full in our Audio Building Blocks series. The 1.2 metre tall enclosure houses 4 Eikona units, giving 92dB/watt sensitivity and 400 watts power handling, plus all the imaging benefits of a line array. It is a reflex design, intended for use away from walls. For an against-the-wall enclosure, see the Triangular Array below.



Eikona Triangular Array

This features four Eikonas per speaker in an elegant triangular column. The enclosure shape has a number of benefits which are explained in our design blog. The system is aimed at high-end home cinema systems and hi-fi systems where the speakers need to be discrete but capable of concert-hall performance. The enclosure is sealed with a QTS of 0.7, which is ideal for use with a sub-woofer.

You can download the plans for the Triangular Array here.


Eikona Transmission Line Array

“Well they sound like Jordans but much, much more so! I had a pair of the previous 92s in Jimi Chang cabinets and they were amazing but these are a whole new ball game. The level of detail is incredible, you can hear everything recorded, separated but integrated, set in its exact position. The bass is beautifully tight and drums…well they sound like drums, which isn’t as easy a task as it sounds, especially for such small drivers. They also go very loud without losing anything!! The soundstage is huge and has real depth and height.”

Our largest and most powerful Eikona system to date. The TLA is a substantial, transmission line loudspeaker capable of handling the full power and majesty of orchestral music. The line has been carefully optimised for the Eikonas and the design is receiving rave reviews from constructors. Read the design blog and download the construction guide here.

“My wife asked if it was OK that the settee was vibrating but I was busy waiting for the vocals to get strident, the usual result of me overdoing the volume button on this track.  So there it was, bass you could feel coupled with beautifully clear vocals.  Result!”

Eikona MLTL38

    “Speakers are now run in and I have to say, it takes some getting used to, but wow!! I am super pleased, after a huge amount of deliberation as to what I should build and what drivers to go for, I’m glad I chose the Eikona 2’s. I have never heard such clarity and separation that sounds so natural without sounding clinical. Awesome, awesome, awesome. I will never look back or elsewhere. A big thanks to you.”

This is a 1-metre high mass-loaded, transmission line designed for us by Mark Dikovics. This slim enclosure is -3dB at 27 Hz and is capable of handling the full orchestral range.


Eikona MLTL30

As the name suggests, this is a shorter version of the MLTL38, sacrificing a small amount of extension of a more domestically-acceptable size. It was specially designed for the Eikona 2 by Jim Griffin. Read more about it on our blog.