DIY – Eikona TL2 transmission line loudspeaker

The Eikona TLA is the highest performing loudspeaker design we have published for the Jordan Eikona full-range drive unit. It is capable of magnificent performance across a wide range of musical genres and its transmission line alignment gives clean bass down to 30 Hz.

A number have now been built across the UK, Europe and USA and we have a testimonial page dedicated to the design. However, we have had requests for a slightly smaller TL which will be easier to accommodate in smaller listening rooms. 

The TL2 is the same height as the TLA (1.2 m / 47 inches) and is therefore capable of achieving the same low bass response, but the use of two Eikonas instead of four gives it a much smaller footprint. Power handling is reduced from 400 watts (peak) to 200 but that is more than adequate for most purposes in medium-sized rooms. The Eikonas can be wired in series (to give a nominal 16 ohm load) or parallel, if your amplifier is capable of handling 4 ohm loads. The 16 ohm option is ideal for tube amplifiers and the result is a very easy-to-drive loudspeaker.

The TL2 Design Guide is available to download now. 

As ever, if you decide to build this or any of our designs, we are happy to answer any queries and would love to receive photographs and listening impressions – we’ll then add your loudspeaker to our expanding gallery of customer projects.