“I submit you should own a pair of Marlows, and build a system around them.” – TONEAudio magazine


We make loudspeakers. Nothing else.

Jordan Marlow

A new, compact loudspeaker combining a traditional-looking, furniture-grade cabinet with the latest in materials and techniques to provide a sound that is anything but retro. It is a modern, audiophile loudspeaker which is sophisticated, natural and, above all, musical.

Jordan Marlow CE

The standard Marlow refined even further.

“Playing the Marlows after the (Eikona) TL Arrays words like “very impressive” and “sophisticated” were used. Despite their diminutive size (think LS3/5a) they threw up a huge soundstage equal in height, depth and width to the Arrays. Not surprisingly, the only real difference was in the bass output but all of us were amazed at how much bass the little Marlows could produce – remember we were sat quite some distance from the speakers.” – Ian at LencoHeaven.net

Jordan Eikona

An advanced, full-range drive unit. Designed by us and using proprietary technology and our unique Controflex™ alloy cone, it is capable of reproducing music with an uncanny realism, without the need for additional woofers, tweeters or hi-fi artifice.



“Being a single driver speaker with no crossover to muck things up, the clarity and transparency are crystal clear and uncoloured. The stereo image and focus, even with just a few feet between the speakers, is superb. The midrange – particularly vocals and solo instruments like piano – has an amazing clarity and naturalness.” – Customer testimonial


Eikona image by Jonathan Keenan Photography