Greenwich loudspeaker

“If the prototypes heard at the Cranage Audioshow earlier this year are anything to go by, the E J Jordan Greenwich will be little stunners.” – Jay Garrett, StereoNet magazine

“So how would I summarise my impressions of the Greenwich loudspeakers? … they exceeded all other loudspeakers in my system in creating a seamless soundscape.” – Paul Schumann,

View of the Jordan Greenwich loudspeaker in walnut with cover removed to show twin Eikona full-range drive units

The enthusiastic response to the Jordan Marlow set us the challenge; would it be possible to build a larger speaker which would handle more power, suit larger rooms and have twice the dynamic range yet still retain the detailed, natural sound and incredible imaging of the Marlow?

Enter the Greenwich.

At 16 litres, it is twice the size of the Marlow yet retains its little sister’s classical proportions. It is built in the same painstaking fashion, using the BBC technique of heavily-damped, 9 mm Baltic birch plywood and gorgeous, real wood veneers. The damping material has been substantially upgraded, the Tom Evans copper binding posts are now standard but the real difference lies in the number of drivers. The Greenwich features two Jordan Eikona full-range drivers, doubling the power handling and dynamic range and enabling the Greenwich to operate comfortably in larger rooms.

When they were demonstrated at the 2022 UK North-West Audio Show, typical reactions were:

“How can speakers that size sound so big?”

“”A seriously addictive, natural and smooth sound.”

“The sound in this room was much bigger than the modest speakers would have had you think.”

The use of two full-range Eikonas, with a touch of HF filtering on the lower driver, enables the Greenwich to have the same delicacy and lightning-fast transient response as the Marlow, something which would be impossible with a conventional heavy woofer and crossover. The two Eikonas are connected in series to give a 16 ohm load, making the Greenwich very easy for any amplifier to drive (and ideal for tube amplifiers).

The absence of any crossover in means that the all-important music goes straight from amplifier to transducer without any phase-destroying components in its path. The result is natural music with superbly-realistic imaging.

The Greenwich is hand-built in England and is available in walnut or tamo ash veneer. Each speaker is individually numbered with a laser-etched aluminium plate on the rear panel. Custom-built, open-frame stands are available and they can be ordered direct from us.


sensitivity: 86 dB/Watt
impedance: 16 ohms (12 ohms minimum)
frequency response: 44 Hz – 18 kHz
maximum power handing: 200 w peak
recommended amplifier: 10 – 150 Watts
cable: Tom Evans cable
connections: Tom Evans pure copper binding posts
size: 420h x 250w x 210d mm (including connectors)
weight: 8.0 kg per speaker

” … the Jordans have a transparency and smoothness that is utterly beguiling. They are one of those speakers that are just so darn easy to listen to. No hint of grain or harshness, just smooth, natural, delicate music. Gorgeous.”customer testimonial (see the full review on our blog)