EJ JORDAN is a small company that has been doing research into loudspeakers for 70 years, a claim that few other manufacturers can make.

Our founder, Ted Jordan, published his first article on the subject in 1951. 

In 1982, Ted and Denise Jordan formed EJ Jordan Designs to manufacture Ted’s unique and highly advanced alloy cone drive units.

The company began in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, before relocating to the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast. In 2016, after Ted’s passing, the company relocated to England’s Lake District.


“Ted Jordan was an absolute genius.” Dick Sequerra, legendary US hi-fi designer


As you would expect from a company benefits from some of the UK’s loveliest scenery, EJ Jordan endeavours to minimise its environmental impact, with production brought as close to home as possible.

Our Eikona loudspeaker drive unit uses proprietary components made in the UK and the complete speaker is assembled in Denmark. 

The Marlow and Marlow CE are entirely hand-crafted in England, with all components (apart from Kimber TC cable) sourced in Britain or Europe. 


You can read more about Ted Jordan and his innovative designs on this dedicated page.

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