Loudspeaker stands

Our custom-made, open-frame stands for the Jordan Marlow and Marlow CE loudspeakers are handmade and hand finished. They are an elegant and visually-balanced means of placing the Marlows at the ideal listening height.

The Marlow stands provide the optimum sound by supporting the base of each loudspeaker only at the corners, This is important for BBC-style, thin-wall enclosures which do not sound at their best on a solid top plate or on single pillar stands. Our stands allow the whole cabinet to operate as intended, giving the Marlows a more detailed sound and a bigger, more precise stereo image.

The Marlow stands have a precision-cut, open base and top plate, and four lightweight, rigid, steel columns. Four M8 screw-in spikes are fitted to the base and the loudspeaker sits on four small, rubber pads.

The stands are supplied in pairs.


top frame: 200 x 180 mm (w x d)

bottom section: 250 x 260 (w x d)

Height: 610 mm

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