Jordan Eikona drive unit

“In over 2 years of critical listening, the Eikonas have never given themselves away. They cope with everything I throw at them. They truly are the audiophile bargain of the millennium.” – Hi-Fi industry customer



The Jordan Eikona is our proprietary wideband loudspeaker unit, the driving force behind our Marlow and Greenwich loudspeakers.

The Eikona is the culmination of over 60 years’ research into wide bandwidth loudspeakers by legendary designer and company founder, Ted Jordan. No other manufacturer can claim this level of experience in the field.

The Eikona’s Controflex™ alloy foil cone weighs just a few grammes, enabling it to quickly follow the electrical signal from the amplifier, with no unnatural lag.  Having no need for either an energy-absorbing crossover or an additional tweeter makes it an ideal point-source capable of superb transient and phase performance. All the sound comes from one place, instead of high frequencies from one and low from another.

Once you have heard what a high resolution, single cone driver can achieve, conventional loudspeakers sound forced, unnatural and fatiguing.

The Eikona is suited for use in a wide variety of enclosure designs. It works well with both high-end analogue and modern digital audio, and its ability to deliver superb sound from a small enclosure makes it ideal for both home theatre and in-wall systems.

If you’re new to Jordan loudspeakers, we recommend you read our Audio Building Blocks series of articles in order to get an overview of what can be accomplished with this sophisticated drive unit.

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“The Eikonas are here, and they’re beautiful! Doing a light burn-in and test today with the Eikonas. The sound of Thijs Van Leer’s flute tells me that these drivers are worth every penny. Thank you.” – Australian customer


Eikona photo by Photography by Ward