DIY – Eikona MiniLine loudspeaker

The Eikona MiniLine is the latest in a series of transmission line loudspeaker developments which began in February 2019 with the Eikona Transmission Line Array. From a floor-standing, 1.2m-high loudspeaker to a compact, stand-mounted version has been quite a journey.  Both versions – as well as the TL2 and TL3 – boast similar qualities. These designs are, for transmission lines, relatively straightforward to build and have been designed with DIY construction in mind. These loudspeakers are capable of excellent performance and in every case, the alignment has produced bass that exceeded our expectations. The MiniLine, for example, is capable of clean bass to below 40 Hz despite its compact dimensions.

The other common factor is, of course, the use of the Jordan Eikona full-range drive unit. In the MiniLine, only one Eikona is required per enclosure (the TLA uses four). The Eikona handles all frequencies from over 18 kHz down to 40 Hz. The lack of crossover or additional drive units makes the construction much simpler and gives the final result a delightfully natural sound.

The MiniLine has exceptional bass reach and control, aided by the Eikona’s transient speed and carefully chosen parameters. Comments on the fetching grey prototype shown below include:

“As to sound?  Typical Eikona with a surprising amount of bass from such a little cabinet – the TL configuration helps of course … it works very well indeed.  Plenty of output at 40 Hz, then a distinct drop at 30 Hz.”

“Seriously though, if your room or wife will only allow a stand mounter then these are a very good proposition. My room is 16 x 12 feet and they filled it with a lovely, open soundstage with surprising bass for the cabinet size. “

“They certainly had the Jordan family sound, fast, detailed and with a beautiful mid range.” 

The MiniLine Design Guide can be downloaded here and Eikonas ordered here.