DIY – Eikona TL3 transmission line loudspeaker

Our highest-performing loudspeaker design to date is the Jordan Eikona TL Array, launched in February this year. It features four Eikonas and is capable of bass to 30 Hz. Its considerable power-handling enables it to tackle the full range of music, from orchestral and rock to string quartets and solo voice.

The challenge subsequently became to design a loudspeaker that retained many of the TLA’s qualities whilst making something more compact and less expensive to build.

The first of these was the TL2, which has the same bass extension and height but a shallower enclosure with only two Eikonas per cabinet. Although a very capable performer, at 1.2 metres high, it is still too large for many listening rooms. After a bit more prompting from customers, we now have the more compact TL3.

The Eikona TL3 is a custom-aligned, tapered transmission line with a cabinet only 826 mm tall. It’s straightforward to build and the internal structure gives the cabinet considerable rigidity. The performance gives full freedom to the Eikonas, allowing them to perform at their best. Early feedback  has been extremely positive and here are quotes from two listeners:

These have the Jordan sound in spades, very fast and articulate with bags of detail with a large soundstage with good depth. The surprise was the bass … these speakers shook the walls with deep, ultra clean bass when we pushed the volume past sensible levels. How these small cabinets were producing it is beyond me.”

“I do really think this is a major step forward for Jordan. Powerful bass in a compact cabinet but with the air that has always been more noticeable in my single Eikona SL cabinets. Cheaper to build and more room friendly that the big 4-driver TLs.”

The photograph below shows the prototype of the new TL3 alongside the existing TL Array.

Click here for the TL3 design guide and plans.