Marlow loudspeaker

The Jordan Marlow is a compact, high performance loudspeaker combining the Jordan Eikona full-range drive unit with a furniture-grade cabinet based on pioneering BBC research. It has a detailed, natural sound and large-scale imaging which can do justice to almost any genre of music.

Behind the Marlow’s acoustically-transparent grille is the Jordan Eikona, an advanced, alloy cone drive unit that covers the majority of the musical spectrum. Designed by audio legend Ted Jordan, the Eikona’s apparent simplicity produces a more relaxed, realistic sound than the more complicated approach of separate woofers and tweeters.


The Marlow cabinet is constructed of thin Baltic birch ply, heavily damped with internal pads and lined with acoustic foam. This type of cabinet looks deceptively simple but is difficult and expensive to make well. The process is closer to making a musical instrument. Each element – wood type, fixture, damping type and placement – is critical. When executed correctly, this attention to detail gives a solidity and naturalness to the sound which is very beguiling.

In developing the Marlow, we kept all the elements of the BBC cabinet techniques and added a few refinements of our own. In particular, we use modern, high-technology damping materials, and the size and tuning of the reflex-loaded cabinet is designed to precisely match the Eikona. At the same time, we have kept the elegant, domestic-friendly proportions of classic UK loudspeaker designs.

This standard edition is wired with Kimber Kable 4TC and fitted with Swiss-made 4 mm sockets, which provide a better connection than most binding posts, as well as keeping the appearance clean and fuss-free. Cabinets are currently available in walnut or rosewood real-wood veneer. The loudspeakers are individually numbered and supplied in matched pairs. Each loudspeaker is supplied in a cloth bag which can also be used as a dustcover when the Marlow is installed on a stand.

The Marlow is hand-built in England.


sensitivity: 86 dB/Watt
frequency response: 44 Hz – 18 kHz (+/- 6 B)
maximum power handing: 100 w peak
recommended amplifier: 10 – 70 Watts
cable: Kimber TC
connections: 4 mm sockets, gold plated
size: 330h x 200w x 180d mm (including connectors)
weight: 3.0 kg per speaker
supplied in pairs with individual cloth dust covers

FAQ – Marlow 


Our speaker stands for the Marlow are handmade and hand finished. They are designed to match the size of the Marlow whilst providing the best sound, allowing the cabinet to operate as intended. They are an open frame design with a precision cut base and top plate, and four lightweight, rigid steel columns. Four M8 screw-in spikes are fitted to the base and the Marlow sits on four small, rubber pads. The stands are supplied in pairs.


top frame: 200 x 180 mm (w x d)

bottom section: 250 x 260 (w x d)

Height: 610 mm

Stands are supplied separately. See the order page for prices.

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