These are just some of the customer and reviewer testimonials we have received.

We have an additional page of testimonials for our Eikona Transmission Line Array, which you can read here.


Jordan Marlow
Our blog features a review from a customer in San Francisco. He has a very balanced and carefully arranged system and was delighted to find that the Marlows slotted right in. Click here to read more.

Jordan Greenwich
One of our customers recently included the Jordan Greenwich on his shortlist for a long-term investment in his stereo system. To read why he chose the Greenwich as the winner, see our blog.


Jordan Eikona

Being a single driver speaker with no crossover to muck things up, the clarity and transparency are crystal clear and uncoloured. The stereo image and focus, even with just a few feet between the speakers, is superb.. The midrange – particularly vocals and solo instruments like piano – have an amazing clarity and naturalness.”

“I’m not one for pseudo-science mysticism, one of the reasons that drew me to trying your products.”

“Please send my many thanks to Ted for making such extraordinary speaker! And many thanks for you also for the great service!”

“We’ve been designing and trying several new cabinets for the Eikona’s we got from you last year. Ted’s drivers continue to impress and delight us.”

“Fantastic … the best speakers heard in more than 25 years of audiophile visits and shows.”

First impressions are pleasing – very smooth with a surprising degree of LF extension for such a small enclosure.”

Eikona VTL

“Well, they are up and running as I type this and they are not what I expected, they are not aggressive at the top end, no ear bleeding, instead they are very detailed and very easy to listen to which is both pleasing and surprising. Lower registers are tight, no unpleasant booming but still hits you in the chest at decent volume levels and mid range is one of the best I’ve heard for a long time, vocals are astonishing.
    I’ve tried all sorts of music in the last couple of hours from Eminem to Mozart, Ben Webster to Wagner, Nick Drake to Led Zeppelin and I’ve enjoyed it all so far so I must do some serious listening later. Perhaps the most surprising is that all the above has been on CD played through an all in one Denon amp/dab/cd player so I’ll be plugging in the Pink Triangle t/table and Jordan amp later today.”

Just a quick note to say how pleased I am now the speakers are finished. They are all I had hoped they would be. I noticed the bass first, through my bare feet!, then the crystal clear highs and the full yet delicate mid range. Now I just hear the music. Thank you for the work that must have gone into the Eikona and thank you for the help and tips you gave me along the way.”

I fired up the Eikona’s this evening, and played a variety of my my favourite songs. Started low for some time then gradually increased volume to low/ moderate after an hour or so on my 20 watt amp. With the premium price, and all the great reviews from around the world, I expected the moon and the stars. And I wasn’t disappointed… Many thanks to you and your team, And thanks to Mr Jordan.”

Eikona SL loudspeaker

“I went through my usual list of test tracks and to be honest I was gobsmacked!  OK, they don’t have the weight in the bass of the Eikona TL’s nor the effortless dynamics, push the little SL’s hard and they’ll get a little ragged. At sensible – quite loud – levels tracks like Massive Attack’s Angel sound excellent while gentler stuff like Emiliana Torrini’s Fisherman’s Woman LP sounds quite sublime.  If anything, imaging from the SL’s is a bit better than the 4 driver TL’s and the soundstage is ridiculously big for such small speakers with bags of width and depth.
    I ended up putting Karine Polwart’s new album, Laws of Motion on and sat there totally enthralled by what I was hearing.  If you don’t know this album but like a bit of modern folk then you should try this one.  Karine has a beautiful voice and the instrumentation behind is quite excellent.
    The fact that I just ended up listening to music says much about how good these little speakers are.  My room is a reasonable size (a bit over 21x14ft) and the SL’s have no problem filling it with excellent music.  Bass is better than good for the size, imaging and soundstage is superb and tonally they are as sweet as a nut.
    You should be very proud of this design”

Eikona bespoke transmission line

I am very impressed by this driver! The speakers fully vanish and throw a large and beautiful soundstage. On one track we actually had the discussion of whether there is too much bass. We came to the conclusion that, indeed, there is a lot of bass, but as long it is of this quality, it is perfectly ok. Please bring my regards to Ted Jordan, and say Thanks!”

Eikona DCR

“As promised attached some pictures of the finished speakers based on your design. I finally decided to go on a more “vintage” style (wallnut + teak). They are connected to a MingDa tube amp. As for the sound I couldn’t be more pleased with them. Surprisingly, compared to the single driver MLTL enclosure I previously build, I don’t feel any shortage on the lower frequencies. In fact, for some reason I can’t explain, rock and pop sounds better than on the MLTL. Thanks for the support.”

Eikona DCR reviewed by Mark Manwaring-White of Malvern Audio Research:

First question I asked myself, how on earth do these work?! Answer … quite staggeringly well actually.
    With full range speakers one expects some top end roll off and due in part to the small cone size, a lack of base. Well neither was obvious at all….
    We listened to everything from delicate female vocals through to some of the hard stuff and to be honest, nothing seemed to phase them (no pun intended … Ed). There is a sweet treble with no metallic hardness. The bass is more than expected with no boom or overhang, just tight and accurate. Yes, they are not hitting 20Hz, but anyone expecting that would be daft! Of course not having the burden of crossovers they really image nicely…”

Eikona Reflex 7

So, what does the Jordan Eikona Reflex 7 sound like? Well, to say that I was surprised would be the understatement of the decade. I really hadn’t expected a small box with single-unit to sound this good …the level of detail is exceptional. For me the best thing is a feeling of ‘coherence’ – everything sounds just as it should – especially live recordings, jazz, blues, vocals. …Stereo imaging is also superb.

Eikona Reflex 7

The Eikonas provide more of what I want – stereo image, coherence, insight, they make my foot tap etc etc. Every day I hear things that surprise me (little nuances on tracks I know well) and the change to Eikonas feels better and better.”

Eikona MLTL38

    First listening reactions: excellent. Just like the Reflex 7s in terms of detail, transient response etc, but with extended low frequency output. This was, of course, the point of building these units.
    Church organ, string bass, bass drum have a new body to them. Very pleased – well worth the woodworking effort.”

Gary, UK:

    “Speakers are now run in and I have to say, it takes some getting used to, but wow!! 
I am super pleased, after a huge amount of deliberation as to what I should build and what drivers to go for, I’m glad I chose the Eikona 2’s. I have never heard such clarity and separation that sounds so natural without sounding clinical.
    Awesome, awesome, awesome. I will never look back or elsewhere. A big thanks to you.”


Jordan Aurora (not currently available)

Andrew Collett (freelance reviewer):

“Orchestral pieces are recreated some way beyond the listening room within cavernous open spaces. Listen to a choral piece simply recorded on a single microphone with little or no processing, and you too will be looking through an open door into a great cathedral. There seems no limit almost to the depth and ambience these stylish boxes can create.
    I enjoy them because the sound they deliver is accurate, without colour, and remains true to the source. And perhaps most important of all, ‘her very good self’ likes them because they are stylish and unobtrusive.
    The effect was indeed remarkable – my first thoughts were that it was like being in a much larger acoustic space. The sweet spot was not so much a spot but the whole of the listening area covering the opposing wall and all points in-between. There were indeed sounds emerging from the walls, but centre image was beautifully maintained.”

Paul Messenger (HiFi Critic magazine):

“The twin abilities to avoid significant boxy-sounding colourations and widen the effective stereo listening zone, along with its physical virtual disappearing trick (in that the sound sources do not appear to come from the speakers), are the key features that justify this loudspeaker’s very unusual positioning and presentation. However, one should also mention the impressive timing and coherence that is the inherent benefit of all speakers based on full range drivers, and that avoids the complications and losses of a crossover network.
     …its imaging capabilities are both unique and exceptional, partly because the speakers themselves simply seem to disappear from the soundstage, leaving just the music to entertain the listeners …
    …convincing stereo images remain unusually well focused, not only along the centre line between the two spaced speakers, but on either side too. When these are playing one remains oblivious of the actual location of the loudspeakers, and focuses instead on the music presentation.”

Hi-fi manufacturer:

“I was lucky enough to receive a preview of the Jordan Aurora loudspeaker. Apart from the use of full-range drivers and a beautiful sculpted cabinet, the interesting feature was a sound reflector ‘wing’ that was designed to provide the correct degree of dispersion at the listener, the drivers actually fired towards each other along the speaker wall…
    The effect was indeed remarkable – my first thoughts were that it was like being in a much larger acoustic space. The sweet spot was not so much a spot but the whole of the listening area covering the opposing wall and all points in-between. There were indeed sounds emerging from the walls, but centre image was beautifully maintained.”

“We were VERY impressed with the Aurora 800s. A sense of space, depth, height, stability of stereo image – all of the things that reviews / testimonials say – were immediately apparent. Any downsides – some of the ’slam’ on live rock recordings I get from the active speakers was missing slightly but that might be differences in amplification (40W valve vs 200W transistor). On the other hand, the Auroras had a real sense of delicacy with good quality live jazz recordings. Overall we both felt that the Auroras provided a better musical experience than either the active speakers or the PMCs that we also listened to.”

“Listening to them now –  playing Cream Goodbye, just finished Beethoven Violin Concerto. I put them in over the weekend and been adjusting their positions ever since- think I’ve got it right now. They are great, really musical and with a terrific stereo soundstage.

I am sitting in my family room listening to a favorite CD: ‘Recital’ with Viktoria Mullova and Katia Labèque.  I am transported to a place that I am sure the artists wanted to send me!  Of all the sources and genres I have played through your speakers, this recording, in my opinion, truly captures their ability to communicate delicacy with absolute precision while reserving plenty of dynamic range to fill the room when a sudden attack is played.
    It is truly amazing that you are able to get so much music out of these demure boxes!