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EJ Jordan loudspeakers have been bringing natural sound to music lovers worldwide for 40 years.

Our technology is advanced, refined and exclusive to us.

The EJ Jordan Marlow, a compact design that is traditional in appearance but very modern in technology. It uses our unique, high resolution Jordan Eikona full-range drive unit and a beautiful, BBC-inspired cabinet to produce a sound that is engaging, immersive and – above all – musical.

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Our loudspeakers are available direct from us. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and service.




The April issue of Stereophile magazine has a glowing review from Herb Reichert:

“EJ Jordan Marlow offers a unique form of unmitigated clarity that will not be easily matched by conventional boxes with multiple drivers and crossovers. Its superfocused imaging and extraordinary transparency made recordings sound unusually direct and unsullied.”

Herb concludes:

“If I were not a professional reviewer, I might marry this fetching full-range speaker, settle down, and live happily ’til death do us part.”

To read the review in full, visit the Stereophile website by clicking here.


“This is a very evolved, sophisticated product … The coherent imagery is spectacular, it just burst out of the speaker. It’s got depth, it’s got space, it’s got pinpoint focussing, it’s absolutely extraordinary in that regard.”

Audiophiliac Steve Guttenberg is impressed with the Jordan Marlow. You can view his assessment over on The Audiophiliac YouTube channel here.



HiFi Pig magazine has reviewed the Marlow CE loudspeakers and awarded them 5 hearts. Janine Elliot comments:
“The sound was very open, and the detail from all the musicians reminded me of my LS3/5a. Indeed, in some areas, especially the top end and mid-frequency clarity, it was superior. Cymbals were beautifully clear and bass went lower than I expected.”

To read the full review, visit the HiFi Pig website here.


EJ Jordan Greenwich loudspeaker


We were pleased to exhibit at the NW Audio Show in June, courtesy of Music First Audio, and we had a new Jordan loudspeaker to unveil. Click here to read more about it in our latest blog.