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EJ Jordan Loudspeakers

“If I were not a professional reviewer, I might marry this fetching full-range speaker, settle down, and live happily ’til death do us part.” – Herb Reichert, Stereophile


EJ Jordan loudspeakers have been bringing natural sound to music lovers worldwide for over 40 years.

Our wideband driver technology is advanced, refined and exclusive to us. It was developed by legendary loudspeaker engineer Ted Jordan to do just one thing – reproduce music as faithfully as possible. To read more about our heritage, please visit the About page.

EJ Jordan Marlow and Greenwich loudspeakers are compact designs that are traditional in appearance but very modern in technology. They use the high resolution Jordan Eikona wideband drive units in beautiful, technically-advanced wooden cabinets to produce a sound that is engaging, immersive and, above all, musical. Visit the Reviews page to see what some of the world’s most respected publications think of them.

For background about our technology and customer projects and testimonials, visit our blog.

All our loudspeakers are available direct from us. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and service and have hundreds of satisfied customers around the globe.

“So how would I summarise my impressions of the Greenwich loudspeakers? … they exceeded all other loudspeakers in my system in creating a seamless soundscape.” – Paul Schumann, EnjoyTheMusic.com


We will be exhibiting the Marlow EV and Greenwich loudspeakers at the 2024 UK Audio Show in October. For details of the show and to book tickets, visit their website here. We’ll release more details in our Newsletter as the date draws closer.

Our new Marlow EV has received a Highly Recommended rating from Howard Milstein at The Sound Advocate, who went on to say  “… the sound was smooth, natural, and exceedingly accurate in its frequency response with exceptionally precise stereo imaging aspects. You could pinpoint each singer in the soundscape as well as the orchestral instruments behind them.” To read the full review, click here.

The Audiophile Society

Legendary musician and recording engineer, David Chesky, has launched a website dedicated to exclusive recordings and interviews. it also has a carefully curated range of selected hi-fi components, including the Jordan Marlow. Click here to visit David’s site for more details.

Greenwich – Enjoy The Music review

Enjoy The Music magazine in the US has reviewed the Jordan Greenwich – and it’s a very positive.You can read more and find the review on our blog by clicking here.

Stereophile Recommended

The Jordan Marlow is on the Stereophile List of Recommended Components! Read more here.

US Distributor

Robyatt Audio is a major US importer for a number of brands and CEO Robin Wyatt, has long-standing experience with Jordan loudspeakers. Robyatt Audio now handles all US sales for the Greenwich and Marlow. EJ Jordan Loudspeakers continues to do US direct sales for the Eikonas, and for the Greenwich and Marlow throughout the rest of the world.