We are building a network of Jordan owners who are able to demonstrate their Jordan systems to prospective customers. If you would like to listen to one of our systems – or would like to demo your own – please get in touch.



We ship worldwide but in addition to ordering direct from us, you can buy the Jordan Eikona from the following:

UK – Wilmslow Audio

Wilmslow sell the Eikona units, kit enclosures and a wide variety of accessories.

UK – KJF Audio

In addition to the Eikona, KJF Audio sell a range of supporting accessories and amplifiers.

Australia – Falls Audio

Canada –  Solen

Hong Kong – Goldrich Technology Ltd

Japan – Koizumi-Musen, Tokyo

Romania – Audio Alchemy


Cabinet makers

SR Woodworking provides a bespoke cabinet-building service for our designs using the Eikona 2. You can see Simon Regan’s fabulous VTL cabinets on our blog. To commission a cabinet, based on one of our own designs or your own. To contact Simon, send us an email and we’ll put you in touch.

Archie Hands is a fine furniture maker and created the colourful Eikona MLTLs seen on our blog. To commission him to build a pair of Jordan speakers for you, please contact him via his website.

Cut panels for DIY

Farmwood Timber Products in the UK (who also operate as Cut Plywood) can cut and rebate high quality plywood based on any of our DIY designs. For a quote, contact Anthony via their website.


Vintage Equipment Repair & Sale

Amploft in Bristol are able to repair the Jordan Preamp and Power Amplifier. Contact Mike Devine for details.

Classic Radio repair a range of hi-fi equipment (not all of it listed on their site at the moment). They also specialise in repairing, buying and selling tube and solid state radios Ferrograph open reel tape recorders.

London Sound are specialists in the repair of vintage equipment and offer a 12 month guarantee on all equipment serviced by them. They are also able to undertake speaker repairs, including earlier Jordan-Watts models. Contact them via their website.

Vintage Audio Repair are based in the Netherlands and work on a wide range of vintage audio. You can see work in progress on their Instgram feed and they sell vintage audio, with a particular fondness for Quad. They have recently launched their own innovative integrated amplifier, the True-Blue Box. For repairs, contact Abbe or Esther via their website.

SkyFi Audio are based in the US and are primarily a retail outlet for classic hi-fi equipment. What sets them apart is the care with which they describe their equipment and the trouble they take to test, align and then pack everything before it goes out. They also buy classic gear. The newsletter is well worth receiving.

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