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The Jordan Eikona 2 is designed to suit a range of enclosure designs and alignments. It will work well in a sealed enclosure of 4.5 litres, giving good bass to 85Hz in a very compact cabinet. Alternatively a 1m floor-standing, mass-loaded transmission line  enclosure will reach to below 30Hz. The inherent scaleability of the Eikona is discussed in full in our Audio Building Blocks blog series.

Below are enclosure designs currently available from us. Other designs are on forums around the web and we’re always interested to hear what people build with our units – please send details and photos to our Sales address.

For customer comments see the Testimonials page and search for Projects in our blog. To view the PDF plans, click the titles.

Cut Plywood Company can supply high quality Baltic birch or MDF panels cut to size for your loudspeaker project with cut and rebate holes for drive units. Contact them direct for prices. Kits for some of these designs are also available in the UK from Wilmslow Audio and BK Electronics.

Eikona Reflex 7

A compact bookshelf or stand-mount loudspeaker capable of reaching 55Hz. Ideal as a monitor or satellite system.


Eikona VTL

Ted Jordan’s VTL transmission line enclosure appeared commercially as the Konus Essence. The VTL was originally developed for the JX92S it works even better with the Eikona 2. It is capable of full-range performance extending to 40Hz. The 30cm-wide baffle makes it easy to accommodate and brings depth to the sound.

Eikona 38 MLTL

This is a 1 metre-high mass-loaded transmission line designed for us by Mark Dikovics. This slim enclosure is -3dB at 27Hz and is capable of handling the full orchestral range.


Eikona 18 MLTL

This design blurs the line between a conventional reflex and an MLTL transmission line. It is a 45 cm high enclosure with an internal depth of only 12.7 cm. It is designed for stand- or wall-mounting.

Eikona DCR

The Dual Coupled Reflex is a wide baffle enclosure for a pair of Eikona 2 units. The use of an extra Eikona driver increases sensitivity and headroom. The 12 ohm load is ideal for valve amplifiers. The enclosure can be floor-standing or wall-mounted. You can read about a stunning floor-mounted build and listener comments on our blog.


Eikona Linear Array Reflex

This design is discussed in full in our Audio Building Blocks series. A 1.18m tall enclosure houses 4 Eikona units, giving 92dB/watt sensitivity and 400 watts power handling, plus all the imaging benefits of a line array.

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