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The Jordan Eikona 2 is designed to suit a range of enclosure designs and alignments. It will work well in a sealed enclosure is only 4.0 litres, giving good bass to 85Hz in a very compact cabinet. Alternatively a 1m tall floor-standing, mass-loaded transmission line  enclosure will enable the Eikona to reach to below 30Hz.

Below is the current range of enclosure designs available from us. For customer comments see the Testimonials page and search for Projects in our blog. To view the PDF plans, click the titles.

Eikona Reflex 7

A compact bookshelf or stand-mount loudspeaker capable of reaching 55Hz. Ideal as a monitor or satellite system.


Eikona VTL

Ted Jordan’s VTL transmission line enclosure made famous as the Konus Essence.

Although the VTL was originally developed for the JX92S it works even better with the Eikona 2. It is capable of full-range performance extending into low bass. Its unusually wide baffle makes it very room-friendly and adds depth to the sound.

Read Herb Reichert’s review of the Konus Essence for EnjoyTheMusic.

Eikona 38 MLTL

A 100 cm high mass-loaded transmission line designed for us by Mark Dikovics. This slim enclosure has a -3dB point of 27Hz and is capable of handling the full orchestral range.

Jordan_Eikona_2_38MLTL_rosewoodJordan_Eikona_2_38MLTL_oak Jordan_Eikona_2_38MLTL_chen

Eikona 18 MLTL

This design blurs the line between a conventional reflex and an MLTL transmission line. It is a 45 cm high enclosure with an internal depth of only 12.7 cm. It is designed for stand- or wall-mounting.

Eikona DCR

The Dual Coupled Reflex is a wide baffle enclosure for a pair of Eikona 2 units.

The use of an extra Eikona driver increases sensitivity and headroom and the 12 ohm load is ideal for valve amplifiers. The enclosure can be floor-standing or wall-mounted as shown bbelow.

You can read about a stunning floor-mounted build and listener comments on our blog.

Jordan_Eikona_2_DCR_02   Jordan_Eikona_2_DCR_01

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