Stereophile Recommended Component


Stereophile is one of the world’s longest running and most respected hi-fi journals. Founded in the US by J Gordon Holt in 1962, it remains at the forefront of technical hi-fi journals, matched only by the longer-running Hi-Fi News in the UK. Its reviews are in-depth, and each year, around October, it issues its list of Stereophile Recommended Components. These components are the ones that the reviewers, editor and technical team regard as the best of the best. So we are very pleased to announce that the Jordan Marlow has made the Recommended Components List in the current edition.

This is a big testament to Ted Jordan’s full-range Eikona drive unit and the EJJ team’s determination to produce a cabinet worthy of it. Herb Reichart reviewed the Marlow in the April 2022 issue:

“Within minutes of replacing my Falcon LS3/5a Gold Badges with the Marlows, I was stunned by how direct, quiet, and transparent the Jordans sounded …

“…If I were not a professional reviewer, I might marry this fetching full-range speaker, settle down, and live happily ’til death do us part.”

Note that these comments were for the standard Marlow … I wonder what he would have said about the CE?


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