New developments at EJJ

Jordan Marlow loudspeaker


It’s always encouraging to receive positive reviews from the hi-fi press. The Jordan Marlow has been doing very well in this regard with, amongst others, stellar reviews from ToneAudio and Stereophile.

“However, going back to my pair of reference LS3/5As, I’m now ruined by the clarity that the Marlows provide.” (Jeff Dorgay, ToneAudio)

“Dear Reader, the above-described EJ Jordan Marlow offers a unique form of unmitigated clarity that will not be easily matched by conventional boxes with multiple drivers and crossovers. Its superfocused imaging and extraordinary transparency made recordings sound unusually direct and unsullied.” (Herb Reichert, Stereophile)

It’s also very special when customers take the trouble to email their impressions. Here are a few from recent weeks:

“This morning I was listening to Nick Caves’ solo recording from the Alexandra Palace. Not only did I hear the music itself, but also every aspect of the acoustics of the Alexandra Palace itself.” Armand (The Netherlands)

“Just to let you know the speakers will not be making a return journey across the Atlantic… Love the clarity!” Lee (Canada)

“I am happy to report that they have exceeded my expectations, both in appearance and performance. I am very impressed with the quality of the workmanship as well, both on the speakers and the stands. Everything is just perfect!” (Peter, Australia)

We’re very proud that these loudspeakers are connecting customers to their music. Each pair of Marlows is constructed with the same care and attention to detail that we’d make if we were building them for ourselves.


One of the few concerns raised by the reviews is that the Marlows are better suited to smaller rooms and lower volumes. Whilst we don’t necessarily agree, the forthcoming Jordan Greenwich will address exactly this issue. It uses two Eikonas per cabinet, with a modicum of filtering, to provide a loudspeaker with the same signature detail and fast transients but with twice the dynamic range. Its first outing was at the NW Audio Show in June, where StereoNet’s Jay Garett commented:

“The EJ Jordan Greenwich loudspeakers were also enjoying their first outing. [They] … feature twin Eikona full-range drivers without the need for a crossover and gave a wonderfully smooth presentation of Nouvelle Vague’s version of Making Plans for Nigel.”

We’re busy refining the design before the Greenwich’s launch in late September. The final specification and prices have yet to be set, but their development is already feeding into the Marlow CE. The Greenwich uses a new form of damping pad which we have now also used in the Marlow CE which is giving it a subtly improved performance. Although it’s more expensive, we’re holding the price for the time being. However, please be aware that the Marlow CE’s price will have to increase in September.

Finally, the success of our finished loudspeakers has impacted stock levels of the Eikona drive unit. Unfortunately, this has combined with much longer supplier lead times than usual, resulting in our having to temporarily suspend Eikona DIY sales. Our DIY customers are an important part of the Jordan family, so we don’t do this lightly. The Eikonas will be available again once we receive the next delivery which, at present, looks like being in mid-November. Keep an eye on our website and newsletters for updates.