Marlow first review in TONE Audio magazine

TONEAudio magazine in the US has just published the first  review of the new Jordan Marlow loudspeakers. To say we’re thrilled at the reaction would be an understatement. Here are just a few extracts from Jeff Dorgay’s review:


If you are a true audio enthusiast, this is a pair of speakers you should own, just to have the experience – even if you have a massive pair of floor standers.

I submit you should own a pair of Marlows, and build a system around them.

You don’t have to be an obsessed audiophile to love the Marlows. Hook them up to your favorite integrated amplifier and sources and just enjoy them. 

Much like a pair of Magnepan SMGs, the bass response that the Marlows offer up is detailed and solid.

…going back to my pair of reference LS3/5As, I’m now ruined by the clarity that the Marlows provide.

Use decent quality sources, a good amplifier, good cables and be relentless with the setup and they will make magic for you. …


The review concludes:

Whether you are building a compact, yet high-performance system for a small room, a second system, or even just want to keep a pair of these around for when you’re in the mood for a different drive, the EJ Jordan Marlows are one of the most enjoyable speakers we’ve had the pleasure to listen to. These may just end up back here at some point on a permanent basis. 


Click here to go straight to the review on their website.

Click on this link to download TONEAudio 108 as a free PDF download.



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