The new Jordan Greenwich

Jordan Greenwich speakers shown in walnut veneer

“If the prototypes heard at the Cranage Audioshow earlier this year are anything to go by, the E J Jordan Designs Greenwich will be little stunners.”Jay Garrett, StereoNet magazine


After a year of development, we have finally launched the Greenwich, our second loudspeaker featuring Ted Jordan’s unique, full-range Eikona drive units in a BBC-inspired cabinet.

The Greenwich follows the classic design of our Marlow compact loudspeaker, so once again we use the tried and tested formula of high quality, 9 mm Baltic birch ply, heavily damped and tuned.

All of this was pioneered in the 1970s by the BBC and used for their own licensed loudspeakers, notably the BBC LS3/5a and LS5/9. The Greenwich differs from a BBC design in a number of important respects, most notably in the use of our proprietary full-range drive units.

Instead of the music signal being split by a complex electrical circuit and sent to dissimilar tweeters and woofers, the Greenwich features two identical, full-range Eikonas. These require no crossovers, covering the musical spectrum in a detailed, phase-coherent way and preserving the original signal in a way that’s almost impossible to achieve using traditional units.

The Greenwich follows on from the Marlow, which has gained a number of very positive reviews and appears on the Stereophile Recommended List of Components. Since the Marlow appeared, we have been inundated with requests for a larger loudspeaker, suitable for bigger rooms. Adding a second Eikona, with a careful amount of response shaping, greatly increases the dynamic range whilst keeping everything which makes the Marlow special. The Greenwich retains the Marlow’s signature delicacy and speed of transient response, something that would be lost with a heavier, conventional woofer.


The prototype Greenwich was shown at the 2022 UK North-West Audio Show, where it attracted very favourable comments from visitors:

    “How can speakers that size sound so big?”

    “A seriously addictive, natural and smooth sound.”

    ” The sound in this room was much bigger than the modest speakers would have had you think.”

Like the Marlow, the Greenwich is handcrafted in the UK’s Lake District, using components sourced as close to home as possible (even the reflex ports are made in Britain). Each element of the Greenwich has been evaluated and refined, based on feedback from the Marlow. The 16-litre, Baltic birch ply cabinets are covered with high quality, real wood veneers and the speaker connections are Tom Evans’s exclusive copper binding posts.

For more details, see the dedicated Greenwich page.

Jordan Marlow and Greenwich placed side by side.