Marlows and Naim


Reviews are good but customer testimonials are even better.

Our very first Marlow customer recently got in touch with us to recommend his latest amplifier find. We’re always interested in what people are using and this is a very recent model:

Just when I thought that the sound of the Marlows could not be improved, I hooked up a Naim Nait 50. That’s the anniversary model. I still can’t believe what I am hearing. It’s so effortless, so musical, it’s almost unbelievable.

This may is the fourth amplifier connected to the Marlows. Precious ones were a Roksan Caspian, Chinese Quad Artera and Cyrus i7/Xr. There wasn’t a massive difference between these, although the Roksan performed best. Now with the Nait 50 it’s a completely different story. I have never been a fan of the brand, mainly because of the limited bandwidth of earlier designs, but this thing is heavenly with the Marlows. Stereo imaging is incredible, details, speed, timing, the impression of a bass foundation (not overly done, but very clean and tight), what’s more to wish?

If you fancy trying a Nait 50 yourself, don’t delay – they’re a limited edition of 1,973 amplifiers, numbered to commemorate the year that Naim was founded by Julian Vereker. You can read more about the company and founder on Wikipedia here.

As always, if you’ve found an amplifier which works perfectly with your Jordan loudspeakers, do let us know. You can contact us via email or our Facebook page.