GEC metal Cone Loudspeakers

GEC metal cone loudspeakers were first produced in the early 1950s and were the first alloy cone drive units to be offered to the public. They were very advanced for their time – way ahead of what was being produced by any contemporary loudspeaker company – and could produce music very well indeed. Hearing them for the first time put Ted Jordan on the path to develop his own alloy cone drive unit, the Jordan-Watts Module, in 1964.

A gentleman has been in touch with us to tell us about a pair he currently has for sale. They are fitted to the GEC octagonal cabinets and the first of these dates from 1956. It was owned by his grandfather, who passed it onto his father. His father, meanwhile, had acquired one of his own in the 1960s and put the two together to make a very good stereo system.

The GEC drivers and cabinets – along with original leaflets and technical data – are currently on sale on eBay. You can find the link here

They are definitely a piece of history and deserve a vintage audio enthusiast who can restore the cabinets and continue to enjoy them for many years to come.

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