10 facts about the new Jordan Marlow loudspeaker

We’re thrilled that our Marlow loudspeaker is getting so much attention and thought we’d give some detailed facts about the new product, how it’s made, and the history of the business.

Let’s take it from the top.

  1. The Marlow’s heritage goes back almost 60 years in a direct line of development to the Jordan-Watts Module – a metal cone, full-range drive unit designed by our company founder, Ted Jordan. “I think history will judge Ted Jordan to have been one of the most important speaker engineers of the 20th century.” (Dr Mark Carter)
  2. The Marlow uses the Jordan Eikona, a single cone loudspeaker drive unit that has proved itself in numerous customer projects around the world.“In over 2 years of critical listening, they have never given themselves away. They cope with everything I throw at them. They truly are the audiophile bargain of the millennium.” (Customer and hi-fi industry insider)
  3. The Contraflex alloy cone used in the Eikona was developed by Ted Jordan over many decades and is unique to us. It is a mere 0.01 mm thick and weighs less than 2 gm, enabling it to accurately follow fast-moving musical signals.
  4. The Marlow reveals detail in a way unrivalled by conventional hi-fi loudspeakers that use separate bass and treble drive units. All the sound comes from one unit, giving a richness and focus to the music that is difficult to achieve by other means.“Despite their diminutive size … they threw up a huge soundstage” (LencoHeaven listening session)
  5. Unlike the vast majority of hi-fi loudspeakers, the Marlow’s cabinet is made of thin, high-quality birch ply and lined with specially designed acoustic pads. This method, originated by the BBC Research Department some 50 years ago, is difficult and expensive, but has clearly audible advantages. 
  6. Every component of the Marlow is critical to its overall high performance. Alter any one aspect and you upset the sound of the loudspeaker.
  7. The Marlow’s finely balanced performance, achieved through the painstaking selection of the right materials and careful hand assembly, makes it more akin to a musical instrument fashioned by a master craftsman than a conventional loudspeaker, mass-produced in a factory.
  8.  The compact size and classically proportioned shape, along with high-quality cabinet and real wood veneer, complement any home décor, whether modern, traditional or totally out there!
  9. Many Jordan-designed speakers are still in use by their original owners, decades after they were first bought. Every Marlow has an individual serial number and is built to last, providing a ‘sound’ investment for the future.
  10. The Jordan Marlow speaker – not smart, not complicated, just carefully crafted to serve the music.

As you can probably tell, we’re very proud of the new Marlow and hope some of our enthusiasm rubs off. To order direct from us, please visit our orders page.