Jordan Greenwich – first review

Greenwich loudspeaker in tamo ash


The Jordan Marlow speaker has made a few waves and gathered excellent reviews since its launch two years ago. Reviewers have praised its fast transient response, leading edge dynamics and expansive stereo imaging.

Our next challenge was to develop a larger version, retaining the Marlow’s virtues but capable of going louder and providing more realistic dynamics in a larger room.

The Greenwich, featuring two full-range Eikonas in a larger, hand-crafted BBC-style cabinet, was launched in December and we’re pleased to say that the first review has just been published by

Paul Schumann spent some weeks with the Greenwich and we’re thrilled with his reactions to our newest loudspeaker:

“I was immediately struck by how the Greenwich loudspeakers completely disappeared. This is a big spacious recording and the Greenwich loudspeakers showed that off.”

One particular virtue of Jordan’s full-range approach to loudspeaker design is the unbeatable stereo image. Recognising this, Paul wrote:

“The Greenwich loudspeakers did an amazing job of putting [Joni Mitchell] in my living room … On track after track, the Greenwich loudspeakers did a spectacular job of giving each instrument and voice its unique place in the soundscape.”

And concluded:

“… they exceeded all other loudspeakers in my system in creating a seamless soundscape.”

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You can read more about the Greenwich here, including our direct sales policy and 30-day returns.

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Photo of Greenwich in tamo ash by photographybyward