An elegant Eikona Array in Slovenia

One of the services EJ Jordan Designs has always provided is working closely with our customers. We do not just sell loudspeakers and move on; we’re happy to be involved in the design process until we have helped the customer attain the goal they are seeking.

We were recently contacted by a customer in Slovenia who has an elegant, stereo, high-end home theatre system. The loudspeakers he was using were a pair of Grundig Audioramas which, although fitting well visually, did not give him the natural-sounding quality he was after. The aim was to replace them with a pair of Eikona Arrays, built into the structure of his home theatre platform. The question was, how exactly?

There were two features we could immediately make use of – the pillars either side of the platform and a hidden sub-woofer which would provide bass below 80 – 100 Hz.

We went back and forth a few times, assessing the size of room and the preferred listening position. An early idea was to consider a pair of glass, open-baffles. Utilising the two side pillars cut down the width required, but the result was still something which was felt to be visually intrusive.

The process continued and eventually we arrived at a pair of sealed cabinets built onto the side pillars, based on our Triangular Array design. The baffles were angled to give the best stereo image and the cabinets were constructed to look like an integral part of the pillars.

The visual results can be seen below. 

How did our customer react to the sound?

“After a couple of hours I started with serious listening. The sound is very musical, there are lots of new details previously not heard (in other systems / speakers). The mid is just outstanding and I think nothing can compare to this (I used to own various loudspeakers like Martin Logans, Magnepans, Sonus Fabers, Soulsonic Impact, etc.). 

They are quite sensitive to ideal listening position – need sweet spot. Also vertical position is important to hear high frequencies. I regret not having placed drivers a few inches higher, but in the seating position, all is just fine. I have the impression that I’m inventing my tracks all over again. I think that using more Eikonas per speaker makes things better. I probably wouldn’t regret adding a pair or two more on each speaker. 

They look good and sound good. I don’t miss extra high frequencies and the bass is well integrated with my sub. Unlike with other loudspeakers, in this combination, I can’t hear when the sub comes in. I think the Eikona Array speakers would put to shame extremely expensive loudspeakers in terms of sound accuracy, musicality and rhythm. The frequency extremes don’t matter so much to me because 99% of music is happening in the frequency range of Eikona. 

Thank you again for all your support.”