Jordan Eikona SL-B project

The Eikona SL is a compact, floor-standing loudspeaker which takes its inspiration from Ted Jordan’s VTL enclosure whilst being smaller, more room-friendly and easier to build (for more in-depth information, please see our Eikona SL blog. We decided to release the SL in two versions, the SL-A with sloping baffle and SL-B with a more conventional vertical front panel.

Below are some photos of a build of the SL-B enclosure. It was initially finished in dark grey and was then fully veneered.

Here is the builder’s review of his finished loudspeakers:

“I’ve been listening to the SL Eikonas for nearly three hours now … I went through my usual list of test tracks and to be honest I was gobsmacked! OK, they don’t have the weight in the bass of the TL’s nor the effortless dynamics, push the little SL’s hard and they’ll get a little ragged. At sensible – quite loud – levels, tracks like Massive Attack’s Angel sound excellent while gentler stuff like Emiliana Torrini’s Fisherman’s Woman LP sounds quite sublime. If anything, imaging from the SL’s is a bit better than the 4 driver TL’s and the soundstage is ridiculously big for such small speakers with bags of width and depth.

“I ended up putting Karine Polwart’s new album, Laws of Motion, on and sat there totally enthralled by what I was hearing. If you don’t know this album but like a bit of modern folk then you should try this one. Karine has a beautiful voice and the instrumentation behind is quite excellent.

“The fact that I just ended up listening to music says much about how good these little speakers are. My room is a reasonable size (a bit over 21x14ft) and the SL’s have no problem filling it with excellent music. Bass is better than good for the size, imaging and soundstage is superb and tonally they are as sweet as a nut …You should be very proud of this design.”

To read more about the Eikona SL and download the plans, click here.