Jordan Eikona


The Jordan Eikona is the latest generation full-range drive unit from EJ Jordan Designs. Building on the success of predecessors such as the famous Jordan JX92S, the Eikona is a world-class speaker capable of exemplary performance.

The Eikona is unique in benefiting from 60 years of continuous research into full-range, metal-cone loudspeaker drive units.

The Jordan Eikona is suited to a wide variety of systems, from high-end analogue to modern digital audio. Its ability to deliver superb sound from a small enclosure makes it ideal for home theatre and in-wall systems. Used as part of a wireless installation, it enables high-end sound to be streamed throughout the home without the bulk and complexity of conventional loudspeakers.

The Eikona features:

– refined, carefully-balanced performance parameters
– wide bandwidth performance from small enclosures
– no requirement for crossovers or tweeters
– natural-sounding high frequency response
– excellent low frequency performance in appropriate enclosure
– dependable, high quality components and manufacture
– a circular, die-cast chassis for ease of mounting

The Jordan Eikona is designed in the UK by Ted Jordan and assembled in Denmark by Scan-Speak A/S using critical components manufactured in Britain. The combination of the UK’s legendary loudspeaker designer and Europe’s leading drive unit manufacturer has resulted in a high-end, full-range loudspeaker for the discerning audiophile.

See our shop page for prices and ordering details. Units are supplied in pairs and foam mounting gaskets are provided.

Eikona Chassis size
(click for larger image)













Eikona measured parameters

Frequency response, on axis:
– orange band shows +/- 3 dB limits
– yellow band shows +/- 6 dB limits


Frequency response and distortion on axis


Cumulative spectral decay




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