Eikona MLTL30 variation

One of our most popular loudspeaker enclosures for the Jordan Eikona 2 is the MLTL30 transmission line, designed by Jim Griffin. We describe it in detail on our blog here.

The MLTL30 is a relatively compact loudspeaker at 80 cm tall, 26 cm wide and 19 cm deep but is capable of impressive performance, producing bass to below 30 Hz in-room.

Following Ted Jordan’s preference, Jim’s original design for the MLTL30 was adjusted to have a wider baffle than is common in commercial loudspeaker systems. We find that this lends extra weight to the mid and bass frequencies.

However, if a conventional, narrow look is preferred, it is easy to adjust the ratio and make the size 21.5 cm wide and 23.5 cm deep. The cabinet height, driver position, and port size and position all stay the same, and the port can now be fitted to the front panel. A sketch of the two sizes is shown below.

The MLTL30 is an ideal compromise for those looking for a solid bass performance from a smaller cabinet. You can find our own MLTL30 enclosure plans here.