Project – Custom Eikona SL loudspeakers

Whenever we sell a pair of Eikonas, we always emphasise that we are available for questions and to offer help with any aspect of a customer’s project. In return, we hope that they’ll allow us to share details of their final loudspeakers.

In January last year, Stephen (from Croatia) ordered a pair of Eikonas and we discussed which design would suit him best. After some deliberation, he decided on our SL-B design. He commissioned a local craftsman and loudspeaker builder to produce cabinets for the Eikonas in olive wood.

The work took quite a while; in fact, in the meantime, Stephen tracked down and bought a very rare pair of Jordan Empire loudspeakers that use some of our earlier drive units.

Finally, in December, we received the following email from Stephen and photographs of his unique loudspeakers:


“I just picked up these yesterday from Dean – I’ve had projects run over schedule before and sometimes aspects of the finished product turn out to disappoint one in the end, to the extent that one wonders why one went down that route in the first place. 

Not in this case, however! Wow, Dean has produced a work of art here that allows these exemplary drivers to shine. I had not heard the Eikona driver ever, but I’d done a fair bit of research and knew this was a classic. Nevertheless, the bass produced by these things is still surprising. Spot on bass as well, not muddy or tired sounding, or lazy. 

Vocals are clean and precise, Bob Dylan’s Most Of The Time is just beautiful through these. 

I think these Jordan speakers are exactly the product to get if you’re looking for a speaker that will allow you to hear music as though with new ears. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say this. They are that impressive. Every aspect of each recording appears to be exactly as it should be. Whereas with a lot of speakers there are bits one likes and bits that could be better, these just kill it on every level. Whoever it was that said these are “the audiophile bargain of the century” was not joking, I cannot imagine there being any competitor even at much higher price levels that can beat the sound of these jewels. 

… Dean’s workmanship and attention to detail is world class and so for those looking for a superior build, I think they should consider having him do the work.”


Dean can be contacted at Audio Epilogue, in Zagreb, Croatia. In addition to building custom designs, he produces his own loudspeaker designs, so you can be sure of speaking to someone who knows the art, has an eye for fine craftsmanship and has his own ideas to bring to your design.