Customer Project – The Eikona Egg

No matter how good your loudspeaker drive units, the ultimate performance is limited by the cabinets (and the room in which they are used). Most of our customers are happy to try their hand at building cabinets the traditional way, using plywood or MDF and straightforward carpentry. For those who would like to try something different … the Eikona Egg.

The Eikona Egg has been built by Daniel in Singapore, a longstanding customer who has built several of our designs. This one differs in that the cabinets were 3D printed, allowing a cabinet shape which would have been difficult to achieve by conventional means.

Neither shape nor technique is unique. One of the most interesting commercial designs in recent years is the £30,000 Hylixa by Node Audio, which uses precisely this approach with outstanding results. However, the difference here is that Daniel’s loudspeaker is a DIY design available to anyone with access to a suitable 3D printer.

The cabinet volume is approximately 5.5 litres and has a reflex port which is not entirely accurate for the Eikona (but can be blocked to turn this into a sealed enclosure). The cabinet was designed for a particular driver, but the Eikona will fit, as shown in the photographs. The feet are a matter of taste but they can probably be modified or omitted if required.

Daniel says of the results:

The main advantages of these enclosures are minimal time smearing and a better transient response versus the conventional box enclosure. Over the past few years, I have built different enclosures for my two pairs of EJ Jordan drivers. But I’m finding myself enjoying this design the most.”

You can find the 3D printer files and associated documentation for the 5” driver 3D Egg on the Thingverse website here.