A craftsman-built Jordan Eikona TL3

Traditionally, there are two ways to acquire a new pair of Jordan speakers. You can buy our Marlows, fully finished and ready to plug in and play, or you can buy our Eikona drive units and build your own cabinets, based on our plans.

Eugene from London took a third route; he bought the Eikonas but then commissioned Archie Hands, a furniture designer and maker, to build a pair of loudspeakers based on our TL3 transmission line loudspeaker plans.

The results are very elegant and here is what each has to say about the finished loudspeakers:


…I find the soundstage very open and solid but, compared to my previous QUAD 2805, having less air and depth. Not a lot, as Paul Daniel liked to say, but it could be the room. Overall I am really happy with the sound and the wife said she finds the system much better and natural than the QUAD!

Finally all I can say is I am glad I chose the TL3 without knowing how they sound and have Mr Hands build them. A gamble that paid off.


A very special project – bespoke EJ Jordan Eikona TL3 speakers, using 2 pairs of their Eikona full-range drivers. These were constructed in Birch ply, veneered in book-matched walnut, with solid walnut edging and base. I made the covers from Birch ply, perforated mild steel and acoustic fabric. Very special binding posts from Tom Evans Audio Design, the purest copper in the land.

These are hands-down the best-sounding speakers I have ever heard; it was a bittersweet moment when they were delivered to the client. I think I might just have to make a pair for myself…

It was a lot of fun to build and I am really happy with the results. It’s always great to see a culmination of precise processes and detailing take shape in a piece with such tangible results.

When I first fired them up, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the increase in power from the extra pair of drivers compared to my MLTL38 Eikonas. The TL3s filled my large open living area with such ease and clarity; it’s always impressive what the Eikonas are capable of. They’re definitely the best sounding speakers I’ve ever had my hands on.

For more details on the TL3, see this article on our blog. 

If you would like to commission him to build a pair, Archie’s contact details are here.

Studio photographs by Kiara Gourlay