Classical Jordan DCR


A very nice email arrived this week from one of our customers. He has just completed building the Jordan Eikona DCR loudspeaker design and is thrilled with the results:

“They sound fantastic. Very natural on the human voice (my wife is a classical singer, so listens to lots of song, opera, etc). They fit really well in the kitchen, either side of a chimney breast. Sound is seamless, much improved on the stack of 4x 50mm Jordan units & bass each side they replaced. Very much enjoyed making them, now enjoying listening to them and plan to make another pair…”

The DIY plan for the Jordan DCR enclosure is available on our website here


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  1. Very nice design. If I implemented this I would probably consider the following adjustments however:

    1. Leave a larger gap between the top driver and cabinet edge. There is a nice wide cabinet but diffraction/baffle-step effects are effected by the minimum distance from the driver to the edge so a longer offset here would maximise the advantage.
    2. round the front edges of the cabinets to reduce diffraction effects as well – just build a radius into each corner
    3. Dont fix permanently to the wall but do so using a hinge so they can be angled in towards the listener. The advantage is that the angle of incidence can be adjusted and they can still be place flat and unobtrusive if required

    Probably no need for baffle-step correction then – probably would not bother with it.

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