A Jordan Eikona Reflex 7 review

One of our customers has recently moved from a high-end, floor-standing, active loudspeaker to a seemingly more modest system built around the Jordan Eikona 2 Reflex 7 kit. The results surprised him:

I’ve been meaning to write this for a fortnight – but have been too busy just listening to music!

I looked at the designs on the EJ Jordan website, thought about building DCR (which has 2 Eikona 2 units) or even the 4 unit line array, but decided to start with something simpler first – the Eikona Reflex 7. I bought a kit from Wilmslow Audio – they are very helpful and a pleasure to buy from. Also had some extremely helpful email exchanges with Colin at EJ Jordan – he is a mine of useful information and references.

So, what does the Jordan Eikona Reflex 7 sound like? Well, to say that I was surprised would be the understatement of the decade. I really hadn’t expected a small box with single-unit to sound this good. As Steve and others have said, the level of detail is exceptional. For me the best thing is a feeling of ‘coherence’ – everything sounds just as it should – especially live recordings, jazz, blues, vocals. I could go on and on (but won’t). Stereo imaging is also superb.

Are they as good as my previous, floor-standing, active speakers? Well, in some respects, no. They don’t quite have that sense of authority that the actives have (especially when playing rock music at high volume) – but we are talking about a drive unit with half the cone area here and lower power handling. Top-end treble might also be a little lower … but where they are better is in the midrange – the lack of crossover causes this, I expect. The Eikonas provide more insight into the recording and were more involving – my foot taps just a little more often.

The Eikonas provide more of what I want – stereo image, coherence, insight, they make my foot tap etc etc. Every day I hear things that surprise me (little nuances on tracks I know well) and the change to Eikonas feels better and better.

Interestingly, a neighbour who isn’t at all into Hi Fi popped in. He had previously heard my active speakers and thought that they were good – but he was amazed by how good the Eikonas sounded. My partner also agrees – and she has a very good ear. So I’m beginning to think that maybe it isn’t expectation bias and that I’m not deluding myself.

What next? I have yet to decide whether the eventual solution will be 2 or 4 Eikonas per speaker, what sort of cabinet / alignment, whether or not subwoofer will be needed (even the Reflex is not exactly bass shy) .. but, for now, I’m just enjoying hearing little nuances on that I hadn’t quite detected before. It’s a cost-effective way to get a new music collection!

You can find details of the EJ Jordan Eikona 2 here and plans for the Reflex 7 here. Wilmslow Audio can provide a full kit for the Reflex 7.

As ever, if you have questions about any of our designs, drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help.

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