The latest DIY design is a two-unit enclosure similar in shape to the VTL but capable of greater SPL and power handling. A detailed PDF is available here.


The newest addition to the Aurora range is shipping. See the LOUDSPEAKERS page for details.


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There are a range of innovative DIY cabinets for the Eikona available as PDF downloads on the LOUDSPEAKERS page.


Buying Jordan Loudspeakers

The Eikona loudspeaker unit and Aurora Systems are available direct from us.

Please see the CONTACT page for prices and shipping information.

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EJ Jordan Designs was established in the 1970s to design, manufacture and market Ted Jordan's loudspeakers. We have been bringing natural sound to music lovers for over 40 years.

E J 'Ted' Jordan pioneered the use of wideband, metal cone drive units in the 1960s. His designs are renowned for their refined engineering and musicality, the result of a deep understanding of the underlying principles.

The story continues with the latest Jordan Eikona drive unit. This sophisticated, single-cone loudspeaker is capable of covering the full range of orchestral music without the complication of crossovers, tweeters or hi-fi artefice.

Since its launch in 2013, the Eikona has sold to home constructors and manufacturers around the world. The Eikona is now joined by the Jordan Aurora systems, the first full loudspeaker enclosure systems manufactured by EJ Jordan Designs since the Altair in 1980. The Auroras are sophisticated, elegant loudspeaker systems which remain discrete whilst providing unparalleled stereo imaging.

For full details of the Jordan Eikona, the Aurora 800 and the new Aurora 400, please see the Loudspeakers page.

aurora 800

aurora 400



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