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The Eikona 2-18 MLTL is an unusual shallow enclosure designed for stand- or wall-mounting. Despite its compact size, it can go down to 35Hz. Full plans are available as a PDF download on the LOUDSPEAKERS page



We have two remaining pairs of the classic Jordan JX53 drive units in stock. Please see the CONTACT page for details.


























E J Jordan has pioneered the use of the wideband, metal cone drive units for over 60 years. Ted Jordan's loudspeakers are renowned for their combination of sophisticated engineering and musicality, the result of a deep understanding of the underlying principles.

EJ Jordan Designs was established to design, manufacture and market Ted Jordan's loudspeakers, bringing natural realism and elegant design to music lovers around the world.


Our latest loudspeaker is the Jordan Eikona 2. This is a 15cm diameter, high quality, fullrange drive unit capable of covering the full range of orchestral music.

The Jordan Eikona 2 is designed in the UK by Ted Jordan and manufactured in Denmark by Scan-Speak A/S. This unique partnership of the UK's legendary loudspeaker designer and Europe's leading drive unit manufacturer has resulted in a world-class, fullrange drive unit of superb performance.

The Jordan Eikona 2 loudspeaker is the direct result of over 60 years of experience, development and research by one engineer, a claim unrivalled by any other drive unit in the world today.

The Jordan Eikona 2 is available direct from us. See the CONTACT page to order.

Eikona 2


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