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E J Jordan has pioneered the use of the wideband, metal cone drive unit for over 50 years. From the original Jordan Watts module in the 1960s to the more recent JX92 and the 50mm cone linear array systems, Ted Jordan's loudspeakers are renowned amongst music lovers around the world. They combine simplicity with musicality, the result of a deep understanding of the underlying principles, demonstrated in his classic book, Loudspeakers, published by Focal Press in 1963.

In recent years, Ted's designs have been used by a number of manufacturers both in the UK and abroad. The original Jordan-Watts module continues to fetch high prices and is prized amongst high-end audiophiles across the world.

Ted continues to work as a consultant to a number of audio manufacturers and to research products for E J Jordan Designs.

Eikona 2


The Jordan Eikona is a unique fullrange drive unit capable of covering the full range of music. In a compact, bookshelf enclosure it will cover all but the bottom octave of orchestral music. In our larger, floor-staanding enclosures it can reach down to 30Hz. These designs are on our DRIVE UNIT page.

The Eikona 2 is designed in the UK by Ted Jordan and manufactured in Denmark by Scan-Speak A/S. This combination of the UK's legendary loudspeaker designer and Europe's leading drive unit manufacturer has resulted in a world-class, fullrange drive unit capable of high performance in systems ranging from hi-fi to audiophile.

The Jordan Eikona loudspeaker is the direct result of over 50 years of experience, development and research by one engineer, a claim unmatched by any other drive unit in the world today.

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