EJ Jordan Designs was established in 1976 to design and manufacture unique, high-fidelity loudspeakers. We have been bringing natural sound to music lovers around the world for over 40 years.

Our company founder, EJ ‘Ted’ Jordan, pioneered the use of full-range, alloy-cone loudspeakers in the 1960s following his extensive research at Goodmans Industries and later work with Jordan-Watts. Ted’s designs are renowned world-wide for refined engineering and musicality, the result of his deep understanding of the underlying acoustic principles.

We continue to research and develop loudspeakers based on Ted’s concepts to provide unparalleled instruments of music.

Jordan Eikona full-range loudspeaker

The story continues with the Jordan Eikona 2 loudspeaker unit. This sophisticated, single-cone driver is capable of presenting music with a level of focus and coherence that is unobtainable with multi-way speaker systems. It achieves this without the complication of crossovers, tweeters or hi-fi artifice.

The Eikona 2 is available for hi-fi enthusiasts to build into their own loudspeaker enclosures and we have a number of plans available on our website. It also makes an ideal building block for manufacturers to incorporate into high-end commercial loudspeaker systems.

Jordan Aurora Loudspeakers

Ted Jordan went on to design a radically new type of loudspeaker system around the Eikona 2. The Aurora is a visually elegant, wall-mounted speaker with a reflector which excels at bringing the concert hall into the home with all the warmth and ambience of the live event.


All our products are available direct from us or from a carefully-selection range of resellers. We sell world-wide and music of all types is enjoyed on Jordan loudspeakers around the globe.



Two recent blogs highlight the work we do to ensure our customers have the best possible experience with their Jordan Eikona loudspeakers. The first describes a custom high-end AV installation in Slovenia which required several refinements before the final system. You can read about it here.

The second blog is a detailed review from out customer, Gergo. He had a number of questions along the way to arrive at a very refined DCR enclosure:

“You really helped a lot with my build and actually you made me truly fall in love with the hobby. I think you’ve created a great vibe around the company, and a relaxed corner within the hifi world where it’s ok to ask, ok to experiment, ok to enjoy what you have. I’m happy to be a member of the Eikona owner family.”

You can read Gergo’s in-depth review here

See here for more testimonials from our customers

Eikona TL Array loudspeaker

Our latest loudspeaker design is a floor-standing transmission line capable of handling the full scale and majesty of orchestral music. An array of four Eikonas enables it to handle power amplifiers from 5 to 200 watts and produce bass to below 30 Hz.

Click here for full details and a link to construction plans.

There is a pentagonal version of the TL array described here.

TheTransmission Line Array has been making an impression over the past six months – you can read testimonials to it here.

Eikona SL loudspeaker

This is a new loudspeaker enclosure for the Eikona which is compact, easy-to-build and available in two different configurations. The plans are available to download now and you can read about it on our blog.

SL customer review:
“I went through my usual list of test tracks and to be honest I was gobsmacked!  OK, they don’t have the weight in the bass of the Eikona TL’s nor the effortless dynamics, push the little SL’s hard and they’ll get a little ragged. At sensible – quite loud – levels tracks like Massive Attack’s Angel sound excellent while gentler stuff like Emiliana Torrini’s Fisherman’s Woman LP sounds quite sublime.  If anything, imaging from the SL’s is a bit better than the 4 driver TL’s and the soundstage is ridiculously big for such small speakers with bags of width and depth … My room is a reasonable size (a bit over 21x14ft) and the SL’s have no problem filling it with excellent music.  Bass is better than good for the size, imaging and soundstage is superb and tonally they are as sweet as a nut … you should be very proud of this design”



Eikona 2 image by Jonathan Keenan Photography

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