EJ Jordan Designs was established in the 1970s to design, manufacture our unique, high fidelity loudspeakers. We have been bringing natural sound to music lovers for over 40 years. Our products sell around the world.

E J ‘Ted’ Jordan pioneered the use of full-range, single cone drive units in the 1960s. His designs are renowned for refined engineering and musicality, the result of his deep understanding of the underlying acoustic principles.

Jordan Aurora 800

The Jordan Aurora 800 system

The story continues with the Jordan Eikona drive unit. This sophisticated, single-cone loudspeaker is capable of presenting music with a level of focus and coherence which is unobtainable with multi-way speaker systems. It does this without the complication of crossovers, tweeters or hi-fi artifice.

Our complete loudspeaker systems are the Jordan Aurora 800 and 400. These are wall-mounted speakers are visually elegant and offer unparalleled stereo imaging.

Aurora 800 offer:

We currently have a pair of brand new Aurora 800s available at 20% discount. For details please click here

Recent customer testimonials for EJ Jordan loudspeakers:

So, what does the Jordan Eikona Reflex 7 sound like? Well, to say that I was surprised would be the understatement of the decade. I really hadn’t expected a small box with single-unit to sound this good …the level of detail is exceptional. For me the best thing is a feeling of ‘coherence’ – everything sounds just as it should – especially live recordings, jazz, blues, vocals. …Stereo imaging is also superb.

The Eikonas provide more of what I want – stereo image, coherence, insight, they make my foot tap etc etc. Every day I hear things that surprise me (little nuances on tracks I know well) and the change to Eikonas feels better and better.”

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