EJ Jordan Designs was established in 1976 to design and manufacture unique, high-fidelity loudspeakers. We have been bringing natural sound to music lovers around the world for over 40 years.

Our company founder, EJ ‘Ted’ Jordan, pioneered the use of full-range, alloy-cone loudspeakers in the 1960s following his extensive research at Goodmans Industries and later work with Jordan-Watts. Ted’s designs are renowned world-wide for refined engineering and musicality, the result of his deep understanding of the underlying acoustic principles.

We continue to research and develop loudspeakers based on Ted’s concepts to provide unparalleled instruments of music.

Jordan Eikona full-range loudspeaker

The story continues with the Jordan Eikona 2 loudspeaker unit. This sophisticated, single-cone driver is capable of presenting music with a level of focus and coherence that is unobtainable with multi-way speaker systems. It achieves this without the complication of crossovers, tweeters or hi-fi artifice.

The Eikona 2 is available for hi-fi enthusiasts to build into their own loudspeaker enclosures and we have a number of plans available on our website. It also makes an ideal building block for manufacturers to incorporate into high-end commercial loudspeaker systems.

Jordan Aurora Loudspeakers

Ted Jordan went on to design a radically new type of loudspeaker system around the Eikona 2. The Aurora is a visually elegant, wall-mounted speaker with a reflector which excels at bringing the concert hall into the home with all the warmth and ambience of the live event.

All our products are available direct from us or from a carefully-selection range of resellers. We sell world-wide and music of all types is enjoyed on Jordan loudspeakers around the globe.


In over 2 years of critical listening, they have never given themselves away. They cope with everything I throw at them. They truly are the audiophile bargain of the millennium.”

Dick Sequerra, legendary hi-fi designer:  “Ted Jordan was an absolute genius.”


The TL2 is a new transmission line loudspeaker for the Jordan Eikona full-range driver.

Itr has the same height and bass extension as our original TL Array but a smaller footprint. Using two Eikonas instead of four makes it less expensive to build but still gives excellent power handling. Full details are on our blog.


EJ Jordan Designs is now on Instagram, where you can follow us to see some of our latest hi-fi developments.


Eikona 2 image by Jonathan Keenan Photography

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