EJ Jordan Designs was established in the 1970s to design, manufacture and market wide bandwidth, alloy cone loudspeakers. We have been bringing natural sound to music lovers for over 40 years and our products sell around the world.

E J ‘Ted’ Jordan pioneered the use of wideband, single cone drive units in the 1960s. His designs are known for refined engineering and musicality, the result of his deep understanding of the underlying principles.

The story continues with the Jordan Eikona drive unit. This sophisticated, single-cone loudspeaker is capable of presenting music with a level of focus and coherence which is unobtainable with multi-way speaker systems. It does this without the complication of crossovers, tweeters or hi-fi artifice.

Our complete loudspeaker systems are the Jordan Aurora 800 and 400. These are wall-mounted speakers designed to be visually elegant and offer unparalleled stereo imaging.

Read on for a different approach to music in the home.

Jordan Aurora 800

The Jordan Aurora 800 system

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