Vinyl or not

Vinyl LP records continue to hold a place in the hearts of many. From dominance of the market in the 60s and 70s, they now occupy a small but resilient niche. Occasionally their sales outstrip downloads, albeit in value terms rather than quantity (LPs are now a Luxury Item and music companies charge accordingly).

One thing is undeniable – they can can generate many a heated discussion amongst audiophiles. Some people swear by LPs, others swear at them. Here is an interesting perspective from professional recording magazine, Sound-On-Sound.

Here at E J Jordan Designs we take an agnostic view. Turntables can be wonderful mechanisms with a charm and delight which a CD player or computer download will never match (the Transcriptors Saturn above, for example, which featured in several Hollywood movies). There are many technical reasons for the superiority of digital but there are also good reasons why an LP master may be better, in some circumstances. We have customers who are enthusiastic about analogue and digital (in the workshop here, for example we have a fondness for open reel tape machines).

E J Jordan Marlow and Eikona speakers will sound good on either medium and you will find that the better the playback equipment, the better our speakers will enable you to hear your music.