A stylish home theatre in Sweden

This week we are featuring another home theatre system, this time built by a customer in Sweden. 

The system uses seven Jordan full-range drivers, three Eikonas for front and centre and four Jordan JX92S drivers for rear surround. The Eikonas are in slightly modified SL cabinets, which we consulted on – especially the centre speaker which required adjustment of the speaker position for a balanced look.

The results look terrific; very elegant, discrete and fit the room well – exactly what a good loudspeaker system should do, whether for a home theatre or stereo system. The flexibility of our Eikona full-range driver is ideal for this.

The sound is backed up by a pair of BK subwoofers and the whole adjusted using ARC measurement and equalisation software.

I’ve given them a lot of play-time during this weekend.

The fronts go plenty deep to below 40 Hz, however I’ve tuned the fronts to 80 Hz and then the two BK XXLS400 subwoofers take care of the low end! Stereo image is amazing and the soundstage between the fronts LCR is seamless.

Dialogue is just perfect. 

Comparing the specially designed SL-Bs to the small 4.3 liter cabinets with Jx92s is hard as it’s different drivers and the cabinet is different, with that said I’m surprised how good and relatively deep the small ones go. They drop at 85 Hz with a nice bump at 120 Hz making them sound bigger than they really are. I’ve tuned them to 100 Hz letting the subs take care of the bass.

 Watching movies is intense especially with an Atmos or DTS X soundtrack, you are there in the middle of the action.

 Can I recommend this setup? YES with capital letters, I’m surprised so few have made home theater setups with these drivers. 

The combination of Eikona SL and Anthem amps with ARC is amazing!

Look how they track – I’m truly impressed and I work with sound as programme director for NRJ radio in Sweden. This is top notch!