Marlow CE loudspeaker

The Marlow CE has the same classic-appearance and BBC-style cabinet as the standard Marlow. It also features the same Jordan Eikona and originally there was no intention of refining the design further.

Enter Tom Evans.

Our connection with Tom goes back many years. In the 1990s, he and Ted Jordan collaborated to produce the Acoustic Precision Eikos FR1, a radical, ultra-lightweight loudspeaker that won plaudits around the globe. Tom’s audio amplifiers are legendary, and he continues to use Jordan drive units in their development. 

Tom was intrigued by what we were doing with the Marlow, and he told us that he had recently developed exclusive, pure-copper loudspeaker binding posts. During early tests, it was clear that these would offer additional performance advantages. The binding posts are matched to his recommended internal wiring and, together with additional critical damping within the cabinet, these developments resulted in the Marlow CE.

The Marlow CE is available in walnut and rosewood veneer, and can be mounted on the same custom-built floor-stands as for the standard Marlow. The loudspeakers are individually numbered and supplied in matched pairs.

The Marlow CE is hand-built in England.


sensitivity: 86 dB/Watt
frequency response: 44 Hz – 18 kHz (+/- 6 B)
maximum power handing: 100 w peak
recommended amplifier: 10 – 70 Watts
cable: Tom Evans cable
connections: Tom Evans pure copper binding posts
size: 330h x 200w x 206d mm (including connectors)
weight: 3.1 kg per speaker
supplied in pairs with individual cloth dust covers

FAQ – Marlow CE


Our speaker stands for the Marlow are handmade and hand finished. They are designed to match the size of the Marlow whilst providing the best sound, allowing the cabinet to operate as intended. They are an open frame design with a precision cut base and top plate, and four lightweight, rigid steel columns. Four M8 screw-in spikes are fitted to the base and the Marlow sits on four small, rubber pads. The stands are supplied in pairs.


top frame: 200 x 180 mm (w x d)

bottom section: 250 x 260 (w x d)

total height: 610 mm

Stands are supplied separately. See the order page for prices.

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