Resellers & Manufacturers


In addition to ordering direct from us, you can buy the Jordan Eikona 2 from the following:

UK – BK Electronics

BK sell the Eikona drive units and two kits based on our designs. The Eikona works superbly with a good sub-woofer system and we recommend BK’s XLS200.

UK – Wilmslow Audio

Wilmslow sell the Eikona units, kit enclosures and a wide variety of accessories.

Australia – Falls Audio

Canada –  Solen

Hong Kong – Goldrich Technology Ltd

Japan – Koizumi-Musen, Tokyo

Romania – Audio Alchemy



SR Woodworking provides a bespoke cabinet-building service for our designs using the Eikona 2. You can see Simon Regan’s fabulous VTL cabinets on our blog. To commission a cabinet, based on one of our own designs or your own. To contact Simon, send us an email and we’ll put you in touch.

Acoustic Insight (formerly known as Aurousal) has produced a number of complete loudspeaker systems using EJ Jordan drive units. The latest is the Audavista floor-standing loudspeaker, which features dual Eikona 2 drive units.

Cut panels for DIY

Farmwood Timber Products can cut and rebate high quality plywood based on any of our DIY designs. For a quote, contact Anthony via the Cutplywood website –

Jordan Amplifier Service Specialist

The Jordan Preamplifier and Power Amplifier can be serviced by Amploft in Bristol, UK. Contact Mike Devine for details by clicking the link.

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