Singapore Audio Group DCR

DCR Chen 1

Ted Jordan’s DCR enclosure for the Jordan Eikona 2 is a relative newcomer to our range of loudspeaker projects but is already gathering considerable enthusiasm. The design – which can be found here – uses two Eikonas in a wide baffle enclosure similar in appearance to our classic VTL.

Using two Eikona drive units per enclosure has a number of benefits: it doubles power handling, increases sensitivity  and potentially quadruples available SPL. The exact spec depends on how the two Eikonas are configured; for maximum performance use a separate, two-channel amplifier per enclosure. The DCR does not aim to go as deep as the MLTL designs but achieves a fast, solid sound in an elegant, floor-standing cabinet.

There have been several DCR loudspeakers built, all resulting in very positive feedback. The latest of these comes from a group of audio enthusiasts in Singapore. They have already built a number of our designs – including the larger, single Eikona MLTL – so it was particularly interesting to receive their comments:

“This a DCR based on your original plan. We have included a sand filled extension at the bottom to increase the overall height and cabinet weight. This helps to improve the vocal focus and listening height as the original design was a bit too low.  As compared to my single driver MLTL built, the DCR is more musical, the staging is wider even at low volume.”

As you can see from the photos, the piano black finish and matching, offset grilles make this a fabulous-looking build.

DCR Chen 3 DCR Chen 4 DCR Chen 6