Ted Jordan produced many articles over his career, in magazines such as Wireless World, HiFi News and Practical HiFi. In many of these he sought to advance the art of the loudspeaker designer. Perhaps one of the most significant was his last published article:

The Parameter Game Hi-Fi News, June 1996, revised 2000 [164kb]

At some point, we will be reprinting all of his articles.


Ted Jordan’s seminal text was first published by Focal Press in 1962. It gave a rigorous mathematical analysis of loudspeaker design and operation which had been missing from texts up to that point. In fact, it established many of the parameters which were later became known as Thiel-Small measurements. The book has been long out of print but continues to be in demand and second-hand copies are now extremely rare. So we are delighted to announce that work is in progress to make Ted’s book available again in 2019. Sign up for our newsletter to receive news when Loudspeakers is published.

The Jordan Manual

The original Jordan Manual was produced in the early 1980s. Ted realised that a technical background would be beneficial to customers and clients who were using the Jordan 50mm module. Drawing on material from his 1962 book, Loudspeakers, it gave a comprehensive analysis of loudspeaker design and offered the rationale behind the 50mm module, which seemed to go against so much of commercial loudspeaker practice at the time. As with the Loudspeakers book, it has been out of print for some years and we will be making it available again as soon as possible, together with updated chapters.

Jordan-Watts Brochure

The original Jordan-Watts brochure had basic specifications and cabinet designs for the Jordan-Watts Module. You can download a 1971 copy here. [46Mb]

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