about EJJ

EJ Jordan Designs was formed in 1976 to manufacture Ted Jordan’s unique loudspeaker drive units. Today, many thousands of EJ Jordan and Jordan-Watts units are in daily use around the world. They are featured in both high-end commercial loudspeakers and in customers’ own designs.

We offer an audiophile-quality, full-range loudspeaker, the Jordan Eikona, available for fitting into customers’ own cabinets or as part of the innovative and visually-striking Jordan Aurora System

We sell direct, a policy we have maintained since the very beginning of the company. This close relationship enables us to give the best possible technical service – and customer feedback helps us to innovate with new ideas.

Jordan loudspeaker units combine the simplicity of the full-range concept, together with careful design and manufacture. All products are designed in Britain. The Eikona is manufactured in Denmark using UK-sourced components including the unique Jordan Controflex™ cone. The Aurora enclosures are craftsman-made in England.

Many thousands of Jordan loudspeakers have been sold around the world, not only into the hi-fi market but to broadcast, communications and architectural practices. Much of Ted Jordan’s work has been decades ahead of its time and the success of his loudspeakers has spawned several imitators.

“Edward James Jordan probably knows more about cone drivers than any other living person having devoted a lifetime to their design and manufacture.” – David Manley, The Vacuum Tube Logic Book

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