Cut your own vinyl

We’ve written before about the resurgence of interest in vinyl and we’re going to be featuring a series of blogs about this next week. Meanwhile, how about cutting your own vinyl?

This the Easy Record Maker, an instant, record-cutting machine – possibly the first time a domestic vinyl cutter has been made available. It has a cutting arm and a playback arm, and can record via the built-in USB interface. Playback is via USB, a headphone jack or the built-in mono loudspeaker. Think of it as a Polaroid camera for records and you won’t be far off.

It’s manufactured by Gakken in Japan and designed by renowned artist and electronic musician Yuri Suzuki. Yuri has always been interested in the technology of sound, as well as its applicability to art, and has recently become a partner with Pentagram, the famous design agency in London (whose founder, Kenneth Grange, designed some of the early B&W loudspeakers such as the DM7).

The turntable/cutter is supplied as a kit together with a set of two-sided, blank, 12.7 cm discs (which are available in a groovy range of colours). The little machine records at 33 and 45 rpm.

Cut your own singles or, if you’re feeling particularly evil, record some streaming music and then amaze your audiophile friends by how much better vinyl can be!


Join us again on Monday for the first in a series of guest blogs about turntables, vintage audio and the best way to get started in vinyl.

UPDATE: Thanks to Susan Parker of Audiophonics for alerting us to another domestic record recorder, the Pye Record Maker. Here is a photo from a recent eBay auction:

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