DIY – Pentagonal Transmission Line

The Jordan Eikona Transmission Line Array was published on our blog in December, after more than two years of development. The design has already proven popular, with several builds in progress. 

The prototypes were constructed by Ian, one of our new Eikona demonstrators and a member of the LencoHeaven forum. He has demonstrated the TLAs to a number of LencoHeaven members and the feedback has been extremely positive. We have collated a page of their listening impressions, which you can read here.

Meanwhile, we had an interesting request from Rob, a US customer who wanted to build an Eikona loudspeaker that was a little different. He was keen to build a pentagonal enclosure, having seen Simon Regan’s craftsman build. In discussion, we quickly narrowed the decision to an Array of four Eikonas, to get the required sensitivity for his low-powered SET tube amps (and also because he was attracted to the enhanced stereo imaging of the line source format). The next question was – which of our cabinet alignments would best suit his requirements?

Rob wanted the loudspeaker to be able to convey the weight of a double bass (the five-string instrument goes down to 31 Hz) so we settled on the TL Array.

Compared to the standard, rectangular cabinet, it is a more challenging construction project but the pentagon is aesthetically more interesting and its non-parallel cabinet walls reduce internal resonances. Placing the line divider at an angle is particularly effective at reducing reflections from the back of the Eikonas.

Click on the image at the top of this page for a closer view of the plan. The Pentagonal design has also been added to the TL Array Design Guide, which is available as a high-res PDF here.

Rob has begun work on his enclosures and we will publish photographs and his listening impressions as soon as they are available.

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