Preservation Sound – this site has interesting articles about older equipment, including a downloadable copy of a Jordan-Watts loudspeaker brochure from the 1970s. Invaluable if you have one of the original Jordan-Watts modules.

Excursion calculator – a very handy spreadsheet for calculating drive unit excursion, frequency and maximum output level.

Sealed box calculator – an online spreadsheet for sealed ‘infinite baffle’ enclosures.

Reflex box calculator – online spreadsheet for vented enclosures.

Cut Plywood Company – UK seller of high quality sheet materials, including Baltic birch ply and MDF. They can supply panels cut to size for your loudspeaker project with cut and rebate holes for drive units. Contact them direct for prices.

Older Jordan Drive Units

If you require T/S parameters for any of our older drive units, please get in touch. If there is sufficient demand, we will post the specification sheets on the website. There is a photo gallery of older Jordan units on our Facebook page. 

Jordan-Watts Module

A complete brochure for the Jordan-Watts Module and loudspeakers (including cabinet designs for DIY) is available as a print resolution PDF (48Mb). Download the PDF here.

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