Below are a few of the articles published by Ted Jordan over the course of his career. We will add more as they become available.

Loudspeaker enclosure design Wireless World, January 1956 [5.7Mb]

A cabinet of reduced size with better low-frequency performance Wireless World, February 1956 [1.1Mb] – the invention of the aperiodic enclosure.

A Titanium Cone Loudspeaker Wireless World, November 1966 [1.4Mb]

Loudspeaker stereo techniques Wireless World, February 1971 [950kb ]

A Hexagonal Loudspeaker Design Hi-Fi News, April 1979 [8Mb] – design of the Jordan 50mm module, the linear array principle and a novel double-bass enclosure

The Parameter Game Hi-Fi News, June 1996, revised 2000 [164kb]

The Jordan Loudspeaker Manual

The original Jordan Loudspeaker Manual was produced in the early 1980s. Ted realised that a technical background would be beneficial to customers and clients who were using the Jordan 50mm module.

Drawing on material from his 1962 book, Loudspeakers, it gave a comprehensive analysis of loudspeaker design and offered the rationale behind the 50mm module, which seemed to go against so much of commercial loudspeaker practice at the time.

The new Jordan Loudspeaker Manual continues these ideas, updated to include Ted’s analysis of recent developments in computer-aided design and modelling. Individual chapters are available as PDFs.

1 Introduction

2 Properties of Sound

3 Musical Instruments

4 Moving Coil Loudspeakers

5 Fullrange cone design

6 Parameters

7 Sound Distribution

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