SME acquires Garrard turntable brand

Garrard is one of the most respected brands from the early days of British hi-fi. Many hi-fi enthusiasts began their journey with the Garrard SP25 auto-changer before moving up the Garrard product line to higher end products such as the 301 or 401.
The Garrard 301 and 401 turntables were true transcription quality, capable of outstanding performance at a range of speeds, including 78rpm (the 301 was launched in 1952 when the vinyl LP format was only four years old). These decks came without tonearms and were usually paired with an SME3009 or 3012 tonearm for best results. So it is particularly satisfying that at the beginning of this month, the Garrard brand was acquired by SME from Brazilian company, IGB Gradient.
Along with this acquisition was the purchase of Loricraft Audio, the Garrard tuning and repair specialist. For a fascinating history of the Garrard company, visit the Loricraft page here.
For further details see the SME press release.
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