In addition to ordering direct from us, you can also buy Jordan Eikona 2 drive units from the following dealers:

Wilmslow Audio, UK

Wilmslow sell the Eikona units, full kit enclosures and a wide variety of accessories such as BAF wadding, fixing screws, terminals and veneer.

BK Electronics, UK

BK sell the Eikona drive units, VTL kits and a complete VTL loudspeaker based on our designs. The Eikona works superbly with a good sub-woofer system and we recommend BK’s XLS200.

Ars Harmonia, U.S.A.

Falls Audio, Australia

Solen, Canada

Audio Alchemy, Romania

Pinewood Sound, China


Loudspeaker Manufacturers

Acoustic Insight  produce a range of highly acclaimed speaker systems, the latest of which is the Phantom Stage, based on the Jordan Eikona.

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