Eikona 2 Enclosures

Three designs are currently available from us. Click on the title to download PDF plans


Eikona 2 MLTL

A slim column mass-loaded transmission line

Eikona 2 Reflex 7

A compact bookcase or stand mount loudspeaker

Eikona 2 VTL

The VTL transmission line enclosure





Eikona 1

The Eikona 1 will continue to be available as a build-to-order unit at a cost of £185.00 plus VAT (at 20%) each, plus carriage.

These units are hand-made by a specialist UK manufacturer and then individually tested by Ted Jordan.

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Jordan EIKONA 2 drive unit

EJ Jordan Eikona 2 drive unit

The Eikona 2 is the latest drive unit from EJ Jordan Designs. Building on the success of the Eikona 1 and the famous Jordan JX92S, the Eikona 2 is a world-class, fullrange drive unit capable of covering the whole spectrum of orchestral music, from 30Hz to over 20kHz.

The Eikona 2 features:

- a circular, diecast chassis for ease of mounting

- larger production quantities to meet demand

- refined driver parameters with increased sensitivity

- even better performance at HF

- true, wide bandwidth performace from 30Hz to over 20kHz.

The new Jordan Eikona 2 is designed in the UK by Ted Jordan and manufactured in Denmark by Scan-Speak A/S. This combination of the UK's legendary loudspeaker designer and Europe's leading drive unit manufacturer has resulted in a true high-end, audiophile loudspeaker.

The Eikona 2 costs £155.00 (excluding VAT) and is available immediately. To order, please see the CONTACT page.

Eikona 2 Chassis size:

A diameter 149 mm
B baffle cut out diameter 115 mm
C pitch of mounting holes 136.5 mm
D mounting hole diameter 5.3 mm
  overall depth of unit 66 mm


Jordan Eikona 2 chassis


Measured parameters

Dia 100 mm effective diameter
Qts 0.304 total Q
Qes 0.347 electrical Q
Qms 2.432 mechanical Q
Fs 40 Hz, free air resonance
Res 6.0 Ohms, DC resistance
Ls 315.1 µH, series inductance
Lp 472.6 µH, lossy series inductance
Rp 4.954 Ohms, loss across Lp
% shift 42.9 % resonance with box
Vas 14.65 litres, air volume equivalent
mms 9.346 grams, effective mass
cms 1.691 m/N, compliance
bl 6.373 T*m, motor strength
n0 260.2 %, max efficiency
Spl sens 86.15 dB SPL max at 1w absorbed
xmax (lin) +/- 5mm linear
xmax (max) +/- 10 mm maximum
power 50 watts continuous
  100 watts peak


Frequency response, on axis:
- orange band shows +/- 3 dB limits
- yellow band shows +/- 6 dB limits

eikona 2 frequency

Frequency response, 10 degrees off axis:

eikona 2 FR 10deg

Frequency response and distortion (on axis)

Eikona 2 THD

Cumulative spectral decay

Eiukona 2 decay plot


Eikona 2 impedance


Please note that these specifications are from production units and are a combination of direct measurement and computer measurement (For more details of our reservations about computer measurement, please refer to our article The Parameter Game and the Jordan Manual Chapter 6 both of which can be found in ARTICLES.

The 10 degree off axis measurement gives a flatter frequency response. This is often used within in the industry without acknowledging it as such.