The Eikona is available direct from us - see Contact for details.

The Eikona is also available from distributors listed on the Resources page.

Eikonas are supplied in gift boxes in pairs.


The Aurora 800 and 400 systems are hand-built to order, supplied in pairs. Each pair is individually numbered.



JX Series

See here for technical details of our earlier, JX series drive units.





















Jordan EIKONA drive unit

EJ Jordan Eikona 2 drive unit

The Eikona is the latest drive unit from EJ Jordan Designs. Building on the success of predecessors such as the famous Jordan JX92S, the Eikona is a world-class, fullrange drive unit capable of covering the whole spectrum of orchestral music.

The Eikona is ideally suited to a range of systems, from high-end valve to modern, streaming audio and AV. Its ability to deliver superb sound from a small enclosure makes it ideal for home theatre and satellite systems. Used as part of a sophisticated installation, it enables high-end sound to be streamed throughout the home without all the bulk of conventional loudspeakers.

Please see the Eikona page for full details and technical parameters.


Jordan Aurora 800 and 400 Systems

These are fully-built loudspeaker systems featuring the Eikonas drive units. The combination of these drive units with a highly-developed reflector system brings unique benefits to a home sound system.

For full details of the Aurora 800 and Aurora 400, please click here.