BK Eikona Reflex 7 bookshelf loudspeaker

The simplicity and purity of Ted Jordan’s full-range approach to loudspeaker design lies outside the hi-fi mainstream. The conventional approach is to split the music with a crossover and send it to multiple, dissimilar drive units. But more manufacturers are seeing the benefits of the Jordan design ethos and, in particular, the clear advantages of using our Eikona 2 drive unit.

The latest company to release a complete, Eikona-based system is BK Electronics. Although BK are more famous for their world-beating range of subwoofers, they have already featured the Eikona in a loudspeaker based on Ted Jordan’s VTL design. They have now released the elegant BK Eikona Reflex 7, a bookshelf speaker which uses a single Eikona full-range unit in a compact, 8-litre enclosure.

The speakers are available in gloss black or white and have a couple of unusual features. The first is a speaker grille held in place with concealed magnets. This avoids the usual, visually-intrusive fixing points if the loudspeaker is used with the grille removed. The second is a dual set of connectors which enables the loudspeaker to be used with an optional small resistor in series with the unit. This helps to give more bass weight to the sound when the Reflex 7 is used on stands, away from nearby walls.

The BK Eikona Reflex 7 is available now, direct from BK Electronics, for £734 including VAT and UK shipping.

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