BBC Proms Concert Sound

The BBC Proms are underway and already we have enjoyed some spectacular music. The John Williams Prom on July 20 was great fun with the BBC Symphony Orchestra playing his best-loved film scores, including (of course) Star Wars, Superman and Harry Potter. Aa highlight of this year’s season will be the music of John Adams to celebrate his 70th birthday.

This year’s Proms are also notable for being broadcast online in a new, high quality sound format called Concert Sound.

A few years ago, the BBC began to broadcast Radio 3 in HD via the web. It was higher quality than traditional FM or DAB radio whilst maintaining a moderate bandwidth – so it didn’t gobble up vast amounts of download capacity.

The 2017 Proms will go a stage further and use the even higher-quality FLAC format. The BBC claims that Concert Sound offers “a bit-perfect representation of Radio 3’s live output exactly as it left the studio”.

To maintain a reasonable bandwidth – so that slow broadband connections can access it – Concert Sound is tightly integrated into the new HTML5 standard and only available via the Firefox browser. You can read the technical background on the BBC’s R&D page.

Concert Sound is available now via the BBC Taster website. There is also a second stream in binaural, enabling headphone users to listen to the Proms in surround sound.

Proms Offer

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